2011 HGG~ Pillow Pets on Nintendo DS

The kids love Pillow Pets, and we have almost all of the ones they have put out so far, and the next logical step was to get the video game. When given the opportunity to review this game, I knew the girls would love it, and that hopefully so would little Man.
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2011 HGG~ Playrific review & giveaway

With three kids in the house, and all of them learning to use the computer better at school, we have been using up a lot of internet time here at home. One thing I really dislike about that is that i have to hover over their shoulders just to make sure they don’t end up on a site that they aren’t supposed to. Granted, there are safe sites for them, but I still worry.

Recently I was given the opportunity to test out Playrific, and let me tell you I am in love! Playrific is basically digital computer software that enables you to feel safe about what your younger children are viewing on the internet.
You just download the “Child Console” which is a software application that resides on whichever PC or Mac your child will be using. The application creates a “gated” browser that prevents children from clicking on other links or exiting safe websites. It features an intuitive, graphical interface that children interact with to explore videos and clips, play interactive games, read engaging books & stories and more – all on their own. The kids love it, although they wish there were more games and less videos!!
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