Review Policy

We are currently accepting family friendly products for review. We will however base adult type products upon their nature and may agree to review them.

There are two product reviewers on the blog, and while we both have children, the kids are under 12, so any children's product would need to be for children under 12.


 We love to share our thoughts on lots of products, be they children's, women's, men's, pet's or even household items.
  When a review item is pitched, all on the review team will have a chance to go over the pitch, when one decides to take the review pitch, you will be contacted.
   All of our reviewers require a FULL SIZE product to test out, as a travel/sample size does not allow us to sufficiently evaluate the product. All reviews will be posted in a timely manner, and all reviews are posted in 1 to 3 months of receipt of product.

You will receive an email when the product review goes live. The review team will post an honest review of your product, if by chance the reviewer has a bad experience with your product, we will discuss with you before posting our review.


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