JustGo Pad™ Helps Women of All Ages with Athletic Leakage

03 May 2014

The Launch of the JustGo Pad™ Helps Women of All Ages with Athletic Leakage
More Than 25 Million Women Experience Urinary Leakage During Their Workouts

* The JustGo Pad™, with its revolutionary teardrop design (patent pending), is available exclusively at
* Brooke Solis—mother of five, lawyer, Yale graduate and fitness enthusiast—adds entrepreneur to her list of

The launch of JustGoGirl comes just in time for women to keep their New Year’s resolutions to stay fit. Whether women have just purchased their first gym membership, are getting back into the
swing of an exercise routine or are already dedicated fitness gurus, they no longer have to worry about athletic leaks during their workouts. Urinary incontinence, a topic once reserved for older sedentary women, has been put in a new light with recent media attention on women such as Miranda Oldroyd and Heather Welsh, star CrossFit competitors who both experienced athletic leaks during CrossFit competitions in 2013.

Few Americans realize just how many women—more than 25 million—are affected by athletic incontinence (leakage during exercise and other physical activities). More young women, like Oldroyd and Welsh, are saying on camera that they leak during their workouts and that, in fact, athletic leakage is a corollary of their workout intensity. According to a study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, 87 percent of female athletes ages 15 to 39 experience some degree of urinary incontinence.

As an alternative to costly and risky surgery—which is not guaranteed to eliminate the problem and can result in catastrophic complications—the JustGo Pad™ is guaranteed to provide coverage against the most embarrassing of leaks. Created for athletic women of all ages, this pad is designed to be inconspicuous, comfortable and absorbent.

“I have five children, including twins, and knew that if I engaged in high-impact activities, I would leak,” said Brooke Solis, founder and CEO of JustGoGirl. “When I used traditional incontinence pads to get through a hard workout, I was self-conscious about the giant bulge that I was sure was visible in the back of my tight-fitting workout pants. I wanted to create a pad that is durable, discreet and comfortable enough to use every day.”

Working closely with an engineer, Solis created a revolutionary design specifically for athletic leakage. The JustGo Pad’s patent-pending technology can absorb up to 140 mL of fluid (just over half a cup) and is only 1.5 cm thick. Its unique teardrop shape makes the pad invisible under the tightest of athletic apparel while providing the coverage needed for leaks.

The JustGo Pad is available at JustGoGirl.com. The pads can be purchased in packs of 10 ($8) or as membership at the following levels:

* Committed: 10 pads, $8 per month; for women who work out two to three times per week
* Dedicated: 20 pads, $14 per month; for women who work out five times each week
* Obsessed: 30 pads, $18 per month; for women who work out every day

“We want women to be able to take back their workouts with confidence,” said Solis. “I’m starting a conversation and creating a community where women can find a solution to this problem and get inspired to take on new fitness challenges together. Let’s go.”

About JustGoGirl
JustGoGirl was founded by Brooke Solis, a Yale-educated lawyer, inventor, fitness nut and mother of five. She launched JustGoGirl, based in Austin, Texas, at the start of 2014 to help women of all ages maintain their fitness goals without the risk of embarrassing leaks. The company’s JustGo Pad™, designed to be sleek and discreet, fits under even the tightest of workout clothes.

After the birth of her twins, Brooke Solis was determined to find a way to get back into shape. But an issue with athletic incontinence made exercise — particularly high-impact movement and jumping — a real obstacle. With five kids and a busy career as an attorney, Brooke looked to her 
workouts as the one hour of the day that she could dedicate to herself but as much as she loved high impact workouts, the incontinence pads that she wore during those workouts made her self conscious and uncomfortable. 
It didn’t take much research for Brooke to realize that she wasn’t the only woman dealing with athletic incontinence: Estimates find that 25 million women — from high school athletes and new mothers to women past their childbearing years — share her problem. That’s one out of every three women who may avoid exercise and its physical and mental health benefits because they are worried about athletic leaks. 
Never one to bow to a challenge, Brooke decided that if the right product to address the issue didn’t yet exist, she’d create one. 
After several trials, Brooke designed a pad that’s not only inconspicuous under form-fitting workout clothes, but is also comfortable and absorbent. While the pads are less bulky than a traditional sanitary napkin, they can hold up to 140ml of urine. She then decided to make the innovative JustGo Pad™, available to all active women as a solution to what can be an embarrassing and uncomfortable problem. 
Since its launch, this groundbreaking product has allowed women all over the country to “just go” on their runs, to their group fitness classes and to CrossFit training without frustration or anxiety. As a result, Solis has heard from grateful women of all ages and stages of life. By opening up the discussion about this issue, Solis has created a community where women not only can find an effective solution, but support and encouragement, as well. 
Raised in the Midwest, Brooke is a self-proclaimed “Type-A personality.” A graduate of Notre Dame, she worked in the financial sector before attending Yale Law School. A practicing attorney, Brooke currently lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and family. Her company, JustGoGirl, was launched in January 2014.


“I would love to talk to you about being involved with JustGoGirl. I am a fitness professional and 
one of your 20 pads a month subscribers. I'm a former Lulu ambassador and can't tell you enough 
how much your pads are changing my life.” - Kristin T. (Runner)

“OMGoodness.... I love your product! I completely forgot I was wearing it! 
There is a league scrimmage this Sunday. I will be sharing a few with a few of the gals I 
mentioned previously. I'll be ordering soon. Thanks again!” - Leah D. (Roller Derby)

“I am such a fan! Anyone that knows me knows that I am not shy about sharing my athletic leak 
challenge. I only wish this product was out when I was playing soccer with my husband. I used to 
bring a change of clothes for post-game chatter so that I could feel comfortable after an hour 
game. After becoming a crossfitter I would opt out of Double Under days because I did not want 
to deal with this issue, which held me back from mastering this movement. Recently I tried the 
JustGoGirl athletic pad and have been amazed. I won't go to the gym without it. Thank you for 
creating this amazing product! Thank you for helping me be comfortable during my work outs. I 
PR my double unders quite often now!!” - Denise B. (Crossfit Gym Owner)

“I've taught Insanity since last April & I've never truly ‘enjoyed’ teaching until I was introduced to 
JustGoGirl. I can't believe how much more at ease I am teaching and jumping. I'm actually getting 
the full effect of the workout with my mind more focused on the actual workout and not tensing 
and tightening with every jump. It's awesome!!” - Katie M. (Insanity and Group Fitness Instructor)

“I opened the package and thought omg that's huge! But once I put it on it really did disappear 
and I didn't feel it. Glad for the tapered end for thong wearers. I am 44 with 3 kids. I taught a 
very intense 75 minute class today with lots of plyo. My tights were DRY. I thought most of it was 
sweat in the past . . . turns out most of it was pee, gross. Felt great to be dry and able to lose the 
pad right after class. I'm a fan! A dry fan!”  - Corinne O.

“I took my pack of pads skiing this weekend and I will never ski without them again. I didn't have 
to leave the slope over and over to run to the restroom. They were so comfortable that I forgot 
they were there until I realized I could ski without having to worry about leaking. I love these 
pads and have them in my purse, my gym bag and my ski duffle and will never workout without 
them.” - Nicole S. (Skier)

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Mother's Day Craft Ideas

01 May 2014
When Mother's Day rolls around, kids want to show their moms just how special they are. Store-bought gifts and cards are nice, but they lack that personal touch. Something made just for Mom has much more sentimental value, and kids don't have to spend much money (if any) on it.

Even toddlers can make Mother's Day crafts with a little help. Here's a sampling of things kids can make for Mom.

Framed Photos

Every mother loves to look at pictures of her kids. So why not pick out a favorite picture or yourself with Mom and create a beautiful frame for it? There are many ways you can go about making photo frames.

One of the cheapest and simplest ways to make a picture frame is to cut one out of paper. Construction paper, card stock and thick scrapbooking paper are good choices. Or, if you want to make the frame even sturdier, use corrugated cardboard. Just make sure the opening in the middle is large enough to show the part of the photo you want to display, and make the frame any shape you like. Decorate with paint, glitter and stickers. Add a magnet to the back for easy display on the refrigerator.

You can also make frames out of craft sticks. Just glue the ends of four sticks together to make a square, and decorate with markers or paint. Or if you prefer, buy a plain photo frame and decorate it as you please.

Candle Holders

It's easy to make a lovely candleholder out of a small jar. Larger baby food jars work well for tealights and votives. Pint jars can hold votives or small pillar candles.

To decorate, use tissue paper. Mix equal parts white glue and water, and stick the paper onto the outside of the jar, stopping below the rim. Use pieces of different colors to create a stained glass look. Cut some shapes out of the paper if you like, arrange them in a pretty pattern, and glue on top of the larger pieces. Coat with the glue mixture to seal, and let dry.

Bath Salts

Want to help Mom pamper herself on her special day? Make her some homemade bath salts. They will help her relax and leave her skin feeling great.

Just mix 3 cups of Epsom salts, 2 cups of baking soda, and 1 cup of table salt. Add about twenty drops of a fragrant essential oil. Lavender, sandalwood and chamomile are good choices. Mix thoroughly. Present the bath salts to Mom in a pretty jar tied with a ribbon.

Decorative Flowerpot

Moms adore flowers. Creating a unique flowerpot with a plant you've grown for her is sure to bring a smile to her face.

Small unglazed terra cotta flowerpots are easy to paint on. Use acrylic paint to make a pretty scene or design. If you don't have a flowerpot, a styrofoam cup will do. You can decorate it with markers, glitter glue and stickers. When your creation is dry, fill it with potting soil and plant a few seeds. Try to do this a week or two before Mother's Day so the plant will have time to start growing. Don't forget to give it plenty of sun and water.

Mom is sure to appreciate these simple yet thoughtful crafts. They will give her fond Mother's Day memories for years to come!

Website Hosting Checklist – How To Find The Right Provider

13 February 2014
Choosing a website host is an important decision. You want a host that is affordable. However, you also want a website host that offers the features and functions you need. Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you’re finding the right provider.

Is their control panel user friendly? Many hosts offer free demonstrations or tours. Take advantage of these to make sure it’s a control panel that makes sense and is easy to use.

Building your own site or looking for a website builder too? Some website hosts offer site building tools. These can be wonderfully useful if you’re not interested in getting into the technological side of building a website. However, if you are building your own website using any number of software programs or languages, make sure the host has FTP transfer. This is the system you’ll use to upload your web pages to your host’s server.

Can you upload your files easily?  Some website hosts are only compatible with certain file types. Make sure your website builder of choice works with your host before you pay for their services.

Are they big enough for your needs?  Look for data space, bandwidth and file size limitations. You don’t need to go crazy however a host does need to accommodate your current needs and give you some room to grow.

Server reliablity. Occasional downtime is expdected however it should be rare and you should be forewarned when the servers are going to be down. Ideally, your host’s server should be up and running 99% of the time.

Security. If you’re doing business online then security is a must. Even if you’re not doing business online, you’ll want to do everything you can to protect your website from hackers. A secure host is essential.

Features and functions. What do you need your website to have?  Do you need a shopping cart, email or autoresponders? Do you need to be able to sell advertising? Do you want analytic and reporting functions to track traffic and website visitor behavior?  Make sure your website host has all the features and functions you need before you sign up and transfer your domain.

User reviews. This is the last thing to look at once you’ve narrowed down yoru choices and before you compare price. Make sure the company has a solid reputation in the industry. There are a lot of resellers out there, you also want to make sure you’re dealing with an acutal hosting company and not a reseller – you’ll get a better price and better customer support.

Finally, it’s time to compare price. If a website host meets all of the above criteria and fits your budget, you’ve found a good company. There are many wonderful website hosts out there. Spend a bit of time researching based on your needs and you can’t go wrong.

Need Traffic? Fast Solutions To Drive Traffic to Your Website

12 February 2014
Website traffic is for many business models, the key to profits. The more traffic you have, the bigger your bottom line. Whether you’re launching a new product or just want a quick influx of cash, sometimes you need tons of traffic quickly. Here are 5 fast solutions to drive traffic to your website.

#1 Social media. Social media works quickly and if you have a large following on any of the social media sites, you can generate a ton of traffic to your website quickly. The key is to create attention grabbing posts that arouse curiosity, make people laugh or stir up a controversy. You want to generate click throughs to your website.

Make the most of your social networking tactics and use technology to get the job done. For example, one StumbleUpon post can be integrated with both Facebook and Twitter profiles so you’re making waves on all three social sites at once.

#2 Article marketing. Article marketing works well when you concentrate your
efforts on quality article marketing sites with large audiences. One well written and informative article, rewritten a few times, and submitted to a handful of directories can generate the traffic you’re looking for. Be sure to include a bio box that includes a call to action and a link to your website to motivate click throughs.

#3 Blogging. Post on your own blog or be a guest blogger on a blog with a large number of subscribers. Like social networking, if you offer an informative, controversial or entertaining post, you’ll have people clicking through to your website like mad. Of course, if you also promote this wonderful blog post(s) via social media, you can double your traffic results.

#4 Video content. It’s amazing how quickly a video can go viral. Like print content, videos that entertain, stir up a bit of controversy or offer tremendous value cause a buzz. They’re forwarded to friends and downloaded on laptops and mobile devices around the globe. A good video can generate all the traffic you need. Again, integrate a bit of social media to promote your video, blog about it too, and you can multiply your traffic results.

#5 Partnerships. Partnering with a relevant or compatible business can work quite well to generate traffic fast. The key is to come up with a mutually beneficial agreement. Find people in your industry that are willing to work with you and help each other drive traffic. A partnership may include guest blogging on each other’s sites, swapping advertisements or even promoting one another in your ezine.

It’s possible to drive a ton of traffic to your website fast. The trick is to have a plan in place, know your audience and your goals, and take action. To your success!