DIY Wall-Art ( Cheap $$)

I spent days browsing Pinterest trying to find a wreath that I liked so I could make one. I had already went to Home Depot and picked up some plumbing insulation and made a few wreath forms of my own, and I knew that I had spotted a wreath made with scrapbook paper ( had that in abundance also). I stumbled upon this wreath from Two Girls Being Crafty, and figured that it would be a good start.

Well, no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get the papers to flow right for me. So, I headed to my craft scrap box and found a piece of plywood that I had cut for another project and inspiration struck!!


4inch X 4inch piece of plywood
1 sheet of 12×12 inch scrapbook paper (double sided) or 2 sheets
hot glue gun

Directions: ( Sorry I don’t have detailed pictures, I got a little carried away and forgot to take them:)

Cut scrapbook paper into 1″ x 4″ strips. Being careful not to crease the paper, make a loop of each strip and secure the ends with hot glue.

Then you will want to glue each loop to the plywood.

I first laid them out and figured out my exact placement and then started gluing from the bottom up. I ended up with 4 across (side touching side) and 6 up. (*I plan to make another one this week and will update with more photos then). Here is a view of the back ( you can see how my loops hang over at the bottom, and of course the finished product. I just need to find a place for it now!!




DIY: Dry Erase Picture Frame Calendar ($0)

DIY: Dry Erase Picture Frame Calendar ($0)

I have been asking the hubs to find me a desk/wall calendar for months now. I wanted something that I could keep the kids’ homework due dates and other things on. I really truely hated the idea of using a paper calendar and then having to tear off the sheet!! To me that was just a waste, even if it would have been tossed in the extra paper pile for later artistic endeavors.

So, I’ve been searching the web, almost until 4 this morning! And ran across a few Do-It-Yourself wall calendars. My insperation to DIY was from The Creative Crate, she made an awesome picture frame calendar from a picture frame she picked up for $3.
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