Winter Biannual Blogathon Bash Kick Off #blogathon2 2013!

25 January 2013
Biannual Blogathon Bash

The Biannual Blogathon Bash starts today and I’m joining in on the fun! It’s a 72 hour event where bloggers work as much as they can on their blogs. There are mini challenges, Twitter parties and prizes for participants! There’s still time to join in. Check out all the details on the Blogathon Bash site. We got so much done last time, and I hope to be as productive this time as I was last!

Here are a few things I hope to get accomplished:

  1. Organize the reviews on the blog in a better and easier way

  2. Organize my calendar

  3. Update links/photos in older posts

  4. Schedule some non-giveaway posts that I've had in the works for a bit

  5. Do some back-end work

  6. Rethink the blog layout, maybe redo the design myself

I plan to participate in as many mini-challenges as possible, but since we got a snow day, at least today may be a short day for me!

Remember that is isn’t too late to sign up!!!


  1. You need to do some of the things I need to do. I wish you luck this weekend. If you have time stop by and visit my post as well.

  1. nichole said...:

    I am trying to go by and visit everyone from the blogathon! (And follow on twitter/pinterest/fb..i'm doing good except on the FB..that always takes me longer!) (i'm xxpollypocket on pinterest and twitter and nicholes.autumn.rain is my fb page)

    I hope you accomplished a lot. I didn't get as much done as i'd have liked, but...there is always next time! :)

    My post is here

    hope to see you around and interact more :)

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