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27 January 2013
First off, I would like to thank Olivia for stopping by with this guest post to give us a little more insight into her life!

I have often wondered was there something about me early on that should have been an indicator that I would be a writer. Was it perhaps the chats I would have with my imaginary friend while sitting on my kiddie-potty? According to my mother they were some pretty extensive conversations.

Or what about later when my sisters and I converted our old single car garage into our own playhouse. Sheets of old cedar siding were stacked to divide the garage into separate rooms. Under my artistic hands a sheet of plywood was painted to be a fireplace. An old set of tiny glass vials and an eye dropper were all I needed to establish my own laboratory… well that and some ground up sheetrock dust mixed with food coloring. I mean, even when playing house a woman needs a profession, right?

Oh and what about romance? My mom and her sisters made the mistake of talking about the Monkees one time during a family meal. My sisters and I had to know who the Monkees were, so thank goodness for Nick at Night. Who else would we be married to in our imaginary world than Davy Jones, Mickey Dolenz and Peter Tork (Sorry, Mike Nesmith, you were destined to remain single). We even taped a picture of the Monkees to our “play television” so that when the husbands were off on tour we could watch them.

And of course time passed and that old garage got torn down. My imagination wouldn’t let up and soon I had a new star to love… Johnny Depp. I religiously watched 21 Jumpstreet because by then in my mind I was married to Hanson.

And before long it happened. I dreamed about him. It was while my family and I were on vacation in San Antonio. I woke up the next morning and hijacked the hotel notepads and began writing down a story to go along with that dream about Johnny. After that, I was rarely without a notebook to scribble my little dream stories.

So that, as they say, is the rest of the story!

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  1. Olivia Hardin said...:

    Thanks for letting my guest on your blog today.

    Happy reading, All!


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