Biannual Blogathon 2013 Bash Wrapup #blogathon2

28 January 2013
As part of the Biannual Blogathon 2013 Bash I’ve been working on my blog most of the weekend.. Here is a break down of everything that has gone on so far:

Biannual Blogathon Bash

Mini-Challenges Completed:

How to create a blogging notebook

I only completed one of the min-challenges due to the fact that I knew or was already working on most of them this time around. I always hunt down anything to do with blogging notebooks/planners because I want to make sure that mine is as up to date as possible!

I did end up getting most of my goals done, though once I started rethinking the blog layout, I got into a whole other mess! As the redesign of the blog approaches, I have decided that we need a mascot, so head over to the post and help us come up with some ideas! This mascot will be on all of our blog related social media and once I get the mascot purchased, he/she will be in most photos posted on the blog!
I did end up getting the blog calendar more organized, and worked a ton on old posts, checking links and making them more SEO Friendly. I also got a ton of backend stuff finished up, and I am still brainstorming a few ways to better organize the reviews, as right now they are all on one page with just text links.

So I think this round of the blogathon was a success for me, I ended up spending a total of 48 hours working on the blog and blog related things, and can't wait to participate again in June!!


  1. Hi! Good luck in your blog redesign, I am fighting with my creative on what I want for my blog redesign.

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