Kitty A Go Go Litter box review & #Giveaway (8/12) US

28 July 2012

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For cats who believe in going in style...

  • Pullout litter tray drawer for easy cleanup

  • High quality, high impact stain-resistant plastic

  • Large capacity litter tray

  • Replaceable liner included

  • Built-in ventilation slots

  • No disassembly required to clean litter tray

  • Cleans in just seconds

  • Built-in sifter rake basket

  • Hand scoop storage

  • Portable with convenient grab handle

I was able to have another review for the cats. I had been talking to my mom and she was saying she wanted a litter box that would like nice and not look bulky. When I got the Kitty A Go Go I knew this was perfect for her. I surprised her one night by bringing this over to her. My mom's cat Taz was all about the box.

Taz played in the shipping and the Kitty A Go Go box all night lol. After we got the Kitty A Go Go out and set up all of my mom's cats were checking it out. They weren't afraid of it at all. My mom loved the wood grain look of the Kitty A Go Go and it matches her basement decor. Just by glancing at the Kitty A Go Go you wouldn't think of it as a litter box. My mom's cats after 2 weeks still love using the Kitty A Go Go more than their other litter boxes and my step dad said it is very easy to clean.

  Taz is a big cat and has no problem fitting into the Kitty A Go Go as you can see.

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My Hikes Pant Cuff Fasteners Review & #Giveaway (8/11) US

My Hikes Pant Cuff Fasteners

As a mother of three I spend a ton of time going through clothes to make sure they fit. Sassy is big for her age and wears a size 8 in pants, but her little legs aren't as long as they need to be to fit in the legs of the pants. So we would normally end up sewing for days after buying clothes just to make new cuffs on the pants. It was time consuming and in my eyes a waste of money, since she would get taller but still wear a size 8. Most of her pants would end up being cut into shorts just to get a little more wear out of them.
I was given the opportunity to test out a set of My Hikes Pant Cuff Fasteners this last month. And let me tel you, they have been a life saver!

For Sassy we picked out the princess design and of course she loves them. The My Hikes are easy to apply and we can make the "cuff" as big or as little as we need and not have to worry about any permanent damage to the pants; so she gets to wear them longer, thus saving us money that can be used for other things this year.