Sidekix Review/Giveaway (8/10) US

19 July 2012

The kids are always wanting stuffed animals that they can take with them, but the ones that they normally like are really just to big to be taking everywhere! Enter the adorable SideKix toys. These darling little things are great for playing with and keeping the mom kids entertained! They start off as a ball, that once unzipped you get a cute little friend.

We got the chance to play around with Mojo, and adorable little doggie. Quint loved him from the beginning and wouldn't let anyone have a chance to play with him. I didn't even get a chance to show him how to get Mojo from the ball to his full self! The kids tossed him back and forth for about 40 minutes before I could get a hold of him to unzip the ball and flip Mojo out! Then it was on to sticking him to anything metal they could find, since Mojo ( and all other SideKix friends have magnets in their feet). Mojo has been on the fridge, the lamps, the door handles and right now he is hanging from the metal frame around the kitchen door!
Quint loves that Mojo has a clip and has been clipping him to his belt loop so he doesn't get lost during their adventures!
SideKix come in a variety of characters that are sure to please your little ones. You have Mojo from the Best Friend's Line, Click-a-dee Chick-a-dee from the Barnyard line, Savannah from the Safari Line, BAMBOO from the Endangered line and Inferno from the Mythical line. (Mommy wants a dragon!!!)

Thank you for joining us on our Back To School Sidekix Event. After entering the giveaway on this blog then please feel free to visit the other blogs listed and enter their giveaway for a Sidekix too. The more giveaways you enter then the better your chances are to winning a Sidekix.

Giveaway Runs July 20 at 12:01am to August 10 at 11:59pm.