Vivardz Photo Light Box Review and Giveaway (OVER)

11 May 2012
I received one or more free products from the mentioned company on behalf of CouponGirlsLa. But, I only recommend products that I feel are reliable and are offered at a fair price.

Vizardz uses 3D topography with 2D digital photos. They make wonderful Photo Light Boxes and many other products are available such as ornaments and night lights. These products are really amazing when you view the finished product.. The picture is embedded on a plate and it looks like a sculptured piece of art.

The light boxes is shipped quickly after the order is placed.

The Vizardz Photo Light Box was fully assembled when I received it, but there is a place where you can change out the picture plates. They are available for order. The Light Boxes come in 3 different sizes, and prices. The boxes come in 3 sizes 4x6 ($68.95), 5x7($98.95) and 8x10($218.95).

I received the 4 x 6 size. But, it really is the perfect size and compliments my house decor' well. The outside of the Light box is well constructed and very elegant.

I would recommend the Vizardz Photo Light Box to everyone who would like to have a unquie item for your home. remember, this will be treasured for years, and not many people will have one of these boxes.


When I received the Vizardz Light Box, I was pleasantly surprised. I opened the box and there was a box with a plate and the images of my picture were imbedded on it. It was amazing to look at. The yellow shadow is from my camera. It looks like a sculptured piece of art.

In the back of the light box, you have an opening to place the light bulb which is included in the shipment. The inside of the box is not as cosmetically enhanced as the outside of the Light box.

It comes in color or Black and White. I asked for color but when my photo was received they said the picture would look better in black and white. But, it looks very good and I am very pleased with the results.

When I plugged the light box in this is what I saw.

It was magnificent. I was in complete awe. I honestly love my Vizardz Photo Light Box and will treasure it for years to come. I know it will be a topic of conversation every time friends and family come to my home. If I would not already have one of these I would love to receive it as a gift for Mother's Day. I believe any person would be very happy to receive a Vizardz Photo Light Box or any other product they offer as a gift.

Vizardz is also sponsoring a giveaway on CouponGirlsLa. One lucky winner will be able to win one of these wonderful Light Boxes. The more you enter the better your chances are to win. So good luck everyone. I know the lucky person who wins will love their Vizardz Photo Light Box as much as I do.

Written by- Lisa Rosatto Green (CouponGirlsLa)

AB Flex Belt Giveaway (OVER)

This review is on behalf of DonnasDealsAndMore

I don't know about you, but I would love to lose some weight. Even more than that, I'd love to gain some muscle and definition! I was super excited to receive my package from FlexBelt in the mail.

Flex Belt

What is a FlexBelt?

The FlexBelt is the first Ab Belt Toning system cleared by the FDA for Toning,, Firming and Strengthening the stomach muscles. With The Flex Belt, you can train your abs even if you're too busy or too tired for a traditional workout. Just slip on the comfortable toning ab belt and the clinically demonstrated, patented medical-grade technologystimulates the nerves that make your muscles contract and relax. As a result, you get an effective abdominal workout that targets all the muscles in your abdomen – all in just 30 minutes a day.

My first thought was, "Yes! I can finally work out by sitting on the couch!" Okay, so maybe I can't totally work out while sitting on the couch, but I can strengthen and tone my abs. :)

I opened the box and found all of this:

Flex Belt contents

I immediately started reading and putting it all together. Set up was super easy. The battery did have to charge for a few hours, but I haven't had to recharge it for a whole week now, so it really lasts a long time. Here is how/why it works:

  • The unique construction of the Flex Belt® features three pre-positioned, medical-grade Gel Pads, covering the central abdominals and external obliques.

  • During your toning session, signals from the Flex Belt® reach out to nerves where they are most concentrated.

  • These nerves branch out to all of the stomach muscles causing them to contract and relax naturally, working all of the muscles at the same time, not just those directly under the gel pads.

FlexBelt Belt

At first I was nervous (Oh my gosh it's going to shock me!!). But don't worry it doesn't hurt at all! It did tickle a little bit the first time until I got used to it. It goes through a cycle (there are different levels you can choose) and you can actually feel it working. I started in the most basic mode like the manual recommended and I'm glad I did. It definitely works you more as you turn up the intensity. I was a little bit skeptical at the idea that this belt would actually work my tummy muscles and believe it or not, I actually feel sore in my tummy. That good kind of sore like when you know you've had a good workout.

Flex Belt Control

The gel pads that you adhere to the belt are cold when they first touch your belly and actually feel like they're going to leave behind some sort of stickiness. They don't leave behind any sort of residue and I had no irritation.

I have used the belt for a whole week and can definitely feel that my ab muscles are being strengthened. Have I lost massive amounts of weight? No, of course not. You still need to eat right and exercise. But this will definitely help you tone your tummy!! My sister is already asking to borrow my belt!!

Would you like to learn more or purchase your own? Head to their website HERE

And here's the most amazing part! You can win a FlexBelt of your own! FlexBelt is giving a way one Ab Belt to one of you lucky readers!! All you have to do is fill out the rafflecopter below. Good luck!! :)

**DonnasDealsAndMore receives free products for review purposes, and may sometimes be compensated for posts. All opinions expressed are solely from DonnasDealsAndMore. See DonnasDealsAndMore's Disclosure Policy for complete details. My opinions are my own and were not influenced by any form of compensation.




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Stepping Out On Faith by Bonnie St. John

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And to all you MOMS out there, Happy Mother's Day!

Stepping Out on Faith by Bonnie St. John

"Darcy . . .”

“Yeah, Mom?”

I momentarily held the undivided attention of my teenage daughter. Her thumbs, free of their ubiquitous texting keypad, quietly dangled by her side. Her computer and its omnipresent Facebook page were completely out of sight. I had almost forgotten what she looked like without all these adolescent accoutrements. As we sat down together on the burgundy leather sofa in our living room, I realized this fleeting state of electronic dislocation was my chance to hatch a plan I had been formu- lating for the past several weeks. Carpe diem.

“How would you like to write a book together?”

“About what?” I asked my mom. Write a book? This was a real surprise. I felt a bit suspicious, but still curious.  I love to write, and Mom kept telling me I was really good at it. I like writing poetry, fantasy, and sci-fi, though.  The books Mom wrote were all nonfiction.  I wondered what we could possibly do together.

“Well . . .” I hesitated. If I wanted her to commit to any extra work out- side her busy schedule at school—not to mention work alongside her mother—I had to make this really great. “It would be about women as leaders,” I continued, “a mother-daughter investigation into leadership styles and structures.”

“Leadership?” I blurted. It came out as if I had a bad taste in my mouth—which I did.  I couldn’t imagine a more boring topic to write about. What is there to say about leadership anyway? When you’re in charge, you just get things done, right? Who wants to talk about that?

Her furrowed brow told me I was losing her fast. “Um . . . we could find women leaders all around the world!” I said impulsively, frantically casting the ultimate bait.

“Really? Would we get to travel a lot?”  I hadn’t thought about that. Heck, I’d write about the mating habits of tsetse flies  if I got to go to Africa to do it!

But this project wasn’t just about the influence it would have on Darcy. I wanted to do something that could have a potent impact on an alarming trend I had witnessed in workplaces across the country: far too many women appeared to be making a choice not to apply for top leadership positions when presented with the opportunities to do so.

This project, then, was a bit of a Trojan horse. On the one hand, the saga of a mother-daughter journey could seduce female readers, who might never bother to read the Harvard Business School dissertations on the subject, into a meaningful conversation about leadership. At the same time, if Darcy met a series of brilliant, accomplished women— people even a cynical teen would be in awe of—perhaps they could tell her all the things I’d like her to know—and more.

And she just might listen.

But where to start? How would we make it work? I suggested we do most of our research by phone, as I did for How Strong Women Pray. My telephone interviews with a governor, some CEOs, actors, sports figures, a college president, and others yielded great stories and information. I promised my intrepid co-author, though, that we could punctuate these conversations with a few visits in person to exciting and exotic places—all with reasonably priced airfares.

“Why don’t we follow each subject as she goes about her daily life? That way our readers get to come along with us and get a behind- the-scenes look at what happens to them. Instead of just a boring interview, we—and our readers—get to hang around with these women, see them in their natural habitat, and even see how other people treat them.”

Although I agreed it was a wonderful approach, this idea of “job- shadowing” each featured subject wasn’t going to be easy. Would these high-powered, important women deign to allow us that kind of access? Would they be able to impart the kind of wisdom that would resonate with our readers and truly make a difference in their lives?  We looked at each other, both of us hooked on a crazy idea that we weren’t sure we could pull off.

“It sounds impossible, Darcy,” I said. “We might as well get started.”

And so, we stepped out . . . on faith.


Bonnie is a 1984 Paralympics silver medal winner in ski racing. Her education includes a degree with honors from Harvard, a Rhodes scholarship, and an M.Litt in Economics from Oxford.  Her career includes positions as an award-winning sales rep for IBM and a Clinton White House member of staff. She now is a much-in-demand speaker, who makes nearly 100 speeches each year to corporations and civic groups. You can visit her on the Web at

Re-printed with permission from How Great Women Lead by Bonnie St. John and Darcy Deane

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