May Buffet Sponsor review: Drawer Decor

01 May 2012


Imagine your kitchen drawers neat and organized, in your color, just the way you want.
The DrawerDecor system is a sleek way to custom organize your kitchen drawers with modern style and a splash of color. No more utensils sliding and banging around inside your drawers. No more embarrassment over messy drawers. Now the inside of your kitchen drawers can look just as nice as the outside of your kitchen. Organize your drawers and put everything in its place. With the DrawerDecor everything stays in place and looks fabulous. Kitchen drawers will never be the same.

I have been trying just about everything over the last year or so to get our kitchen a little more organized. At one point, I had all utensils out of the drawers and in containers on the counter, made for NO counter space at all!!
Living in an apartment, we really need all the kitchen space we can get (tiny kitchen to begin with), so when I happened upon Drawer Decor by KMN Home, I was a little too excited! I love that it comes in a variety of colors, so there would be no problem matching most kitchen decor.
Right now, our kitchen is a bright yellow with light purple splotches throughout, so I knew I had to have the Drawer Decor in Iris.

The Drawer Decor is really easy to install, just measure then cut ( and if you have small drawers like we do, you can even get to liners out of the one!), then just lay the cut BaseMat in the bottom of your drawer and place your utensils where you want them. If you have children (or husbands) that like to sling the drawers open you can use the Divitz (cute name) to add more stability for your utensils.
Since adding the BaseMat and the Divitz to one drawer I no longer have to search for the pizza cutter or the slicers. I love that everything is right there and easily seen. The kids have really had fun testing the drawers and have slung them open and closed with no utensil slippage at all!

Drawer Decor can be purchased online through the Website
The starter kit which includes:
1 Basemat
5 Long Divitz
5 Short Divitz
5 Triangle Divitz
Can be purchased for $24.99 and comes in Iris(purple), Lime(green), KMN Red, Orange, and Sky Blue

Find Drawer Decor in select stores by checking HERE

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*disclaimer: I received the above products in exchange for writing this review. I was not provided additional compensation to write this review and all opinions are my own.

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