My Dad

07 April 2012
Guest written by our friend Gladys Fuentes

When my dad came home and told us that he had quit his job and was officially launching the company he’d dreamed of starting for years, I wish I could say we were all immediately supportive and rushed to offer our congratulations. That would be a lie. My mom essentially started to hyperventilate and my sister and I just stared at him, slack jawed. My dad had been providing for us for our entire lives, and the uncertainty of the future pretty much terrified us. He quickly reassured us that he obviously had a large enough nest egg to get us through the startup period, and that eventually his revenues would far outweigh the salary he was accustomed to getting paid. We came around quickly, and he gave us all jobs to make us feel more involved in the process. My job was to research the phone and internet piece, and my mom’s was to start sending out some emails to friends and family announcing the new business. After doing some research I recommended he go with small business xo for the phone and internet connection. It’s been a few months now, and while we’re certainly not raking in million dollar deals, we’re doing just fine. And I’ve never seen my dad happier.

Soaps from the Hive Review & #Giveaway (Ends 4/20)


Check out my Natural Remedies page and you will instantly understand why I have a long love affair with honey. For me, honey is everything. If there is no honey in the house, panic sets in.

I've learned over many countless nights of obsessive research over the years, that honey has a great history. Here are two of my favourites, that I have never forgotten:

  • Ancient Romans greeted their guests with honey as "a gift from the gods and the elixir of life".

  • England's Queen Anne used honey to pamper her magnificent hair - a secret that was so closely guarded that it was disclosed only after her death.

Well, there ain't no turning back now! My family is hooked on Soaps from the Hive.

Soaps from the Hive is located in the picturesque village of Hunter River, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Frank Novak, the owner, and his wife work very hard on their little honey bee farm, to bring us the purest most natural soaps possible. They offer 7 different varieties of pure honey soap. All soaps are made with 100% natural ingredients and lots of pure natural honey, of course.