bobble: The best re-usable filter water bottle!!

03 April 2012


I know that as a mother, I should set a better example for daily water intake, but with all of the expensive water filter systems on the market, I just don't have the time to compare prices and benefits. I will buy a case or two of regular bottled water each month and that will get the kids by, and they dislike tap water with a passion.

Quinten ends up refilling the disposable plastic water bottles once or twice and then tosses them, but I still feel that it is a waste of money. Sassy and Harmonie really don't like the taste of water, so we end up mixing in some Crystal Light so they get the right amount of water ( I know..but it works). Quinten has been asking for a filtered reusable water bottle for a few weeks now, and when I came across bobble, I knew that I had found the perfect one for him!