Dinning Room Makeover stage 1: paint

29 February 2012
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="276" caption="Now imagine that the christmas tree isn't there"][/caption]


That sad excuse for a wall is what my dinning room wall has looked like for the last two years. Granted the photos in the frames change from time to time, but otherwise that is it. We no longer eat in the dinning room so there is no need for a table in there, it is just an open space used for crafting or playing board games with the kids.

I've gotten bored with the white walls and have slowly been painting EVERY wall a color. My room is brown with turquoise trim, the girls' room is in the process of becoming a garden ( wall was blue when it was Quint's room) and Quint's room is slowly coming together ( need to finish the football field on the main wall). So after searching Home Depot for a few weeks, I narrowed down the colors I wanted, or at least I thought I had.

Walking in there today, I was set to get the three colors that I wanted, but as I was heading into the paint department I noticed a buggy full of "bad match" paint. So seeing as they ranged anywhere from $7.00 to $14.00 for a full gallon of Behr Premium paint, I had to stop and check them out. I automatically found a pale pink "Torchlight" and a deep, deep purple that I LOVED ( I'm so girly sometimes!!). I knew that I needed a red for the heart that is going on my brown wall, so I shifted through the "rejects" and found a really pretty red; it looks almost like a deep terra cotta. So into the buggy they went! I figured that for right now I could just do the pink and purple on the dinning room wall and see what other color caught my eyes.

After heading a few aisles over to pick up the tintable chalkboard paint for the kids' rooms, I was heading out the door with three gallons of paint and two pints of chalkboard paint for only $90.00, and that is a good trip in my opinion!! Heading home I was trying to think about what to do with the dinning room wall exactly, and like most women in my family; I had a million ideas but just couldn't decide on one. Started of thinking that I would just do the two short wall in the pink and have the purple on the focal wall, after taping off everything I stepped back and thought about it, and of course I changed my mind. Long story short, after 2 hours of taping and then re-taping; I finally decided that we are going to by some chair railing and divide the walls!

The walls were re-tapped; and then the painting started. At first I was going to do a solid color on both top and bottom and then right before I started painting inspiration hit again and the stripes were born!

There is the first coat, of both the purple and the red.. and yes, I realize that the purple looks brown, once it dries it is more purplish. The bottom part will be painted the purple and the light pink is going to go where the blue tape is between the two stripes. And for the chair railing...it will be the pale pink also!! I think that it will be amazing once it is all finished and brought together. I'll update tomorrow once the pink is added.

Of course the kids are anxious to see how it will all look, and Sassy has requested that we do her room in the leftover purple, not that it'll happen...