Foldin’ Money~ The Best Holiday Gift

Sometimes I find that trying to hunt down the perfect gift for a family member is hard to do. My kids are easy, and so is most of my immediate family, the ones I have problems with are the out of town cousins, Aunt’s and niece’s and nephew’s. Enter Foldin’ Money to the rescue!
Foldin' Money Red pack

I was given the opportunity to try out the “Jackpot Collection” which includes directions and templates to make all the designs. The directions are a little hard to read since the print is so small, but they are easy to follow. The templates are easily cut out. The only problem I have with them is that they are one time use. You can of course purchase extra templates from the website.
Foldin' Money Jackpot Collection

Once  you get the hang of reading the instructions, they are easy to understand, and making the design is simple and fast. The instructions will let you know exactly how many bills you will need to complete the design and all the folds that need to be made. Since Christmas is right around the corner, we made a Tie to test out the template. It was simple and all I needed to have on hand was 4 crisp bills in any amount, tape and scissors to cut out the template.

Foldin' Money completed tie design

See? Totally easy to do and all that is holding it together are the folds and a few pieces of tape. You can embellish the designs with stickers and other scrap-booking items. The designs are only a little bigger than the size of the bills so they fit perfectly inside of a standard card, which will make shipping them so simple.   Normally when sending gifts to the distant family, we just purchase a basic gift card, but with Foldin’ Money, there is a personal touch to the gift. I would love to get this in the mail instead of a gift card. And once it was finished, the kids all wanted me to give them their birthday money in the shape of a cake ( so it looks as though I’ll be buying more templates).

So, if you have one of those hard to buy for family members, check out Foldin’ Money and get your kit today.


Kits Available for $14.95:

*Red Collection directions and templates
to make 1 Cake, 1 Heart, 1 Tie and 1 Tree.

*Green Collection directions and templates
to make 1 Cake, 1 Hot Air Balloon, 1 Shirt and 1 Star.

*Purple Collection directions and templates
to make 1 Cake, 1 Phone, 1 House and 1 Flower.

*Yellow Collection directions and templates
to make 1 Rocket, 1 Plane, 1 Cake and 1 Ship.

And if you want to have all the designs at your finger tips you can purchase The Jackpot Collection for $49.95 and shipping is FREE to US & Canada!!!

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Want to see how simple and quick it is to fold your own money? Check out this video from Foldn’ Money’s Youtube channel

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