Book Tour~Passion Creek by Avery Flynn~ Book Excerpt

12 September 2012

I would like to thank Avery for supplying this amazing excerpt for us today! Looking forward to getting my hands on this one!!

Passion Creek by Avery FlynnDesperate not to sink into silence again, Sam grasped for a conversation topic. The black ink script on the inside of her left wrist caught his eye. "What does it say?"
Josie’s brows squeezed together in a question before she smiled softly and held out her wrist to him.
Sam brushed his thumb across the blue veins visible under her porcelain skin. Electricity jolted against his fingertips, tingling its way up his arm. His lungs tightened and his cock stirred. From his position the words were upside down. Without letting go of Josie's wrist, he stepped down from his stool and turned around so that they faced the same direction with her directly behind him.
They were so close, her breasts rubbed against his back. "Sam ..."
The single syllable brushed against the back of his neck and his body reacted as if she'd caressed his dick instead of only speaking his name. He wouldn't, couldn't, let go of her until he read the tattoo. He had to know what it said.
Adventure is worthwhile in itself.
"Amelia Earhart." He lifted her wrist to his mouth, kissing the words as her pulse jumped under his lips. Surrounded by her amber scent, touching her soft skin, tasting her warmth on his lips, the out-of-character action seemed perfectly logical.
Josie slid her arm from his grasp and he reluctantly returned to his stool. But she didn't leave or scoot farther away.
"How did you know?" Her long fingers stroked across her wrist.
"My dissertation was about Earhart's impact on Midwestern women's perspective of early twentieth century feminism."
She arched her brow. "An unusual topic for a dude."
"You haven't met my family. If you aren't comfortable with strong women, you won't last long." He fell deeper into her orbit at the sound of her alto laugh. "How about you, what's your story?"
"I'm a waitress, remember."
"Bullshit. That's a job, it's not who you are. Come on, if you can't spill your secrets to a total and complete stranger whom you'll never see again, whom can you tell?"
A lightness loosened her tense shoulders. She leaned in closer, the soft underside of her breast lying lightly on top of his arm. "Sort of an I'll tell you mine, if you tell me yours, eh?"
Blood rushed in Sam's ears before heading south. "Exactly."

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  1. Thanks so much for having me over today!

  1. Joanne B said...:

    Congrats on the new release. This book sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it to see what happens between Sam and Josie. Thanks for the great excerpt.


  1. Thanks so much Joanne! As for Sam and Josie, well they go play Monopoly and then the book ends. Bwahahahahaha. Now that would be a bummer ending. :)

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