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As a parent of three, I was always worried that I wasn’t teaching them the reading skills that they needed before getting into school. With What Children Need to Learn to READ I have realized that all the rhyming games and things that I done with the kids when they were small was a great way to teach them to listen, read, and write.

Learners Lane

I have been watching my nephew for a while now, and while I know that he needs to learn to read, I have been struggling with finding age appropriate games, songs and other things for him. With What Children Need to Learn to Read, I can easily find games for him to play with me and songs that will keep him moving and learning. The Reading and Language checklists provided help me to make sure he is hitting certain levels before we move on. Most games included in the book are easily played with things you have around the house.

What children need to learn to read

My 5 year old loves the Rhyming chapter in the book and loves to get Nate up and moving during them. The Music and Songs chapter has a ton of the songs that I grew up with but had forgotten bits of. It feels great to share a little of my childhood with my children and nephew ( who didn’t love Little Bunny Foo-Foo??).

Chapter 7 Letters and Their Sounds is great for Nate at 2 and even helps Sassy at 5. There are great games and songs in this section and you can even download flashcards from the Learner’s Lane website. The included sight words in chapter 8 are a great help with my three kids. They help to reinforce the sight words they have learned in school already and we work on words they haven’t learned yet.

The kids are already planning a book party for right before school starts and can’t wait to share their love of reading with all of their friends.

A little about the author:

Michelle Vallene has a teaching degree with specialties in both reading and English. While raising her three children, she started a successful education business, Learners Lane, beginning with reading classes out of her home. Due to the large demand for the reading programs, the classes were moved out of her home and continue to run at local elementary schools and community centers. Michelle wrote the recently published book, What Children Need to Learn to READ – The Complete Parent’s Guide to Ensuring Literacy, a Love of Reading, and School Readiness – Birth through the Early Grades Edition. The book has gotten rave reviews and has already helped many families build a strong foundation for reading success. The book is a finalist in the Foreword 2010 Book of the Year Awards in the Parenting Category. Michelle is on the Board of Directors for the Washington State Foundation for Early Learning. She also currently teaches part-time as a reading and math specialist and is a professional speaker. Michelle has also been featured in newspapers, on websites, and on many radio shows around the country and in Canada. www.LearnersLane.com is a great resource for educational information, advice, resources, and free downloads.

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