Their Virgin Captive by Shayla Black & Lexi Blake #review

03 August 2012
Title: Their Virgin Captive
Author: Shayla Black & Lexi Blake
Series: Masters of Ménage #1
Publisher: Shelley Bradley LLC
Pages: 276
ISBN: 978-1936596065
Source: bought
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Summary from Goodreads:
Their Virgin Captive

Brothers Gavin, Slade, and Dex, fall hard for Gavin’s new secretary, beautiful Hannah Craig. The oil executives know they must give her time to get to know them before she can choose one . . . who will seduce the virgin and keep her for his own. But when a dangerous predator begins stalking the small-town beauty, they work together to protect her, abducting Hannah and spiriting her to an isolated hideaway. Once alone with her, none of them can contain their burning desire. Though Slade and Dex don’t mind sharing, Gavin’s tragic past has put distance between him and his brothers. Now, they’re hoping that not only will Hannah love them back . . . but maybe mend their fractured family. After overcoming her initial fears, the men teach her wild pleasure she’s never imagined. She grows closer to each, their devotion melting her inhibitions. Hannah finds herself embracing love with all three men—and hoping she can heal Gavin’s wounded soul. But her new found happiness turns to terror when her stalker finds her. Will Gavin, Slade and Dex lose their woman to a menace that threatens everything they hold dear, or will they finally unite to make Hannah theirs forever?

My Thoughts:

When I picked up this book I was honestly expecting a lot more "sex" than what was there. Don't get me wrong there was sex, but it was dispersed evenly through the book and didn't make me want to stop reading. The plot was great and I honestly didn't expect the stalker to be who it turned out to be.

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