Pale by Chris Wooding #review

Title: Pale
Author: Chris Wooding
Series: none
Publisher: Stoke Books
Date: September 10th 2012
Pages: 72
ISBN: 9781781120910
Source: NetGalley EARC
Purchase: Pale (Stoke Books)

Summary from Goodreads:

Pale by Chris Wooding

The Lazarus Serum can bring you back from the dead. Only thing is, it turns you into a Pale. Jed can’t imagine anything worse, but then the choice is taken out of his hands…

My Thoughts:

Jed seems to have it all, loyal friends, girlfriend of 2 years and a hot shot lawyer father. That all changes when he pushes his girlfriend out of the path of a car.
Jed wakes up after the accident not sure what is going on, that is until his mom hands him a mirror and he learns that he is now a Pale. his girlfriend made the decision to have him injected with what is known as the Lazarus Serum; which can bring you back to “life” if you happen to have the right blod type. Sadie, the girlfriend, knew that Jed had the right blood type and even though she knew becoming a Pale was not something he would want she decided to do it anyway.
Jed’s father is an Afterlife lawyer, who takes everything from the Pales since they aren’t really alive and can have no property. This new development in his son’s “life” makes it really hard on him and he pushes Jed away. Jed’s close friends and girlfriend no longer want anything to do with him and threaten him on his first day back at school.
The story is a great one and even though it is only 72 pages total, you get enough to make you want to keep reading and know more.

My rating:

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