Vivardz Photo Light Box Review and Giveaway (OVER)

11 May 2012
I received one or more free products from the mentioned company on behalf of CouponGirlsLa. But, I only recommend products that I feel are reliable and are offered at a fair price.

Vizardz uses 3D topography with 2D digital photos. They make wonderful Photo Light Boxes and many other products are available such as ornaments and night lights. These products are really amazing when you view the finished product.. The picture is embedded on a plate and it looks like a sculptured piece of art.

The light boxes is shipped quickly after the order is placed.

The Vizardz Photo Light Box was fully assembled when I received it, but there is a place where you can change out the picture plates. They are available for order. The Light Boxes come in 3 different sizes, and prices. The boxes come in 3 sizes 4x6 ($68.95), 5x7($98.95) and 8x10($218.95).

I received the 4 x 6 size. But, it really is the perfect size and compliments my house decor' well. The outside of the Light box is well constructed and very elegant.

I would recommend the Vizardz Photo Light Box to everyone who would like to have a unquie item for your home. remember, this will be treasured for years, and not many people will have one of these boxes.


When I received the Vizardz Light Box, I was pleasantly surprised. I opened the box and there was a box with a plate and the images of my picture were imbedded on it. It was amazing to look at. The yellow shadow is from my camera. It looks like a sculptured piece of art.

In the back of the light box, you have an opening to place the light bulb which is included in the shipment. The inside of the box is not as cosmetically enhanced as the outside of the Light box.

It comes in color or Black and White. I asked for color but when my photo was received they said the picture would look better in black and white. But, it looks very good and I am very pleased with the results.

When I plugged the light box in this is what I saw.

It was magnificent. I was in complete awe. I honestly love my Vizardz Photo Light Box and will treasure it for years to come. I know it will be a topic of conversation every time friends and family come to my home. If I would not already have one of these I would love to receive it as a gift for Mother's Day. I believe any person would be very happy to receive a Vizardz Photo Light Box or any other product they offer as a gift.

Vizardz is also sponsoring a giveaway on CouponGirlsLa. One lucky winner will be able to win one of these wonderful Light Boxes. The more you enter the better your chances are to win. So good luck everyone. I know the lucky person who wins will love their Vizardz Photo Light Box as much as I do.

Written by- Lisa Rosatto Green (CouponGirlsLa)

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  1. Kelly A. Tanner said...:

    I love that the art comes alive when lit! This is very unique! Thanks!

  1. Stephanie said...:

    I love how pictures can be displayed on it!

  1. Tracy Awalt Juliano said...:

    I love that you have the option to have it ordered in either black & white or color.

  1. I think it is neat how it gives a 3D effect when it is on... and also that it can be done in color or black and white.

  1. Cacie said...:

    I like that it comes fully assembled.

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