Choices Book Tour: Cast Interview Guest Post

10 May 2012
I would like to thank Liz for stopping by and interviewing the cast of Choices (The Guardian Trilogy)

Hello everyone!
I am Liz Schulte, creator of the Guardian Trilogy. Today I am asking the cast of the books a question for your enjoyment.

We will go in order starting on my right.
Question: What is your favorite scene in the books?

Olivia: Oh. I guess I am first. My favorite scene in the series is when I found out was Holden and Quintus were. I know I was angry and may have been a little harsh, but it was nice to finally not be in the dark about everything that was happening to me. It changed things for me, but also made me understand what I was up against and what I really wanted.

Quintus: My favorite moment is when Olivia came back. She looked so lovely opening her eyes in the forest, stark naked and wide eyed. She fluttered around looking at everything glowing like a firefly. It made me remember just how beautiful the Abyss actually is.

Olivia: *covers face* Oh my God. You had to bring up my being naked. Jerk.

*Quintus shrugs and flashes his deep dimples. The sound of cracking comes from across the room.*

Liz: Holden, you break it, you bought it.

Holden: Let’s just get this over with.

Liz: Femi, you’re next.

Femi: Hmmm my favorite moment is when Liv and I were in Xavier. I totally had that jinni’s bluff. *cat like grin* Not that I couldn’t have kicked his butt, but it was so much more fun to make him back down with just the threat of my awesomeness.

Baker: Well, doll, making the boss man over there admit there was a dame who had him wrapped around her little finger in up there on my list. He keeps his cards close to the chest, so it is no small victory to get a piece of what is happening underneath. Personally, I can’t wait for the third book. That kitten right there *winks at Femi* is the bee’s knees.

Femi: Call me kitten again, I dare you.

Liz: Femi, play nice. Holden, you’re the last one. What is your favorite scene?

Holden: Beating the crap out of the guardian didn’t suck. *glares at Quintus* But it wasn’t the best moment. The best moment was when I knew Liv loved me no matter what I am. I will get that back. Mark my words.

Thank you guys for playing along!


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