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At the Tbox company, they love everything girl. They love making life easier, organized and a little more fun for girls and women. They think girls and women deserve the best during every part of their lives.

The convenience of the Tbox for me is great, I don’t always use tampons, but when I do, I like to know that they are safe and not crushed. I also love that the Tbox can hold a few pantyliners for the days when I don’t need those tampons. The kids didn’t play with the box that much once it was attached to the toilet, I did catch Harm messing with it once or twice, but only so she could ask to have it once she needs it. I have had a few people over since installing (suction cups) the Tbox to the toilet and while they have asked what it is, most are curious on how to get their own! Once the Tbox is closed you have no worries about it opening up on it’s own, so if you are heading out on a trip, just toss the Tbox in your bag and head off.

About the Tbox:
So easy, discreet and fun! Simplify life by having tampons close by – where you need them, when you need them.
*A unique tampon holder, housing up to eight tampons.
*Attaches to the toilet with super strong suction cups, but removes easily if needed.
*Opens easily with one hand.
*The tampon case is water resistant, keeping tampons dry and protected.

Here’s a great video:

I’ll be using it in our  bathroom. It’s nice to have supplies handy yet hidden inside a cute little box. Clever idea! You can purchase the Tbox Tampon Holderat Amazon or online at Tbox for $13.99, and when you think about that price, figure in how many tampons you toss in the trash after they have been opened by little hands or crushed in the bottom of your purse; it is a very wise investment!
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  1. Rebecca Parsons says:

    This is so much better than having to dig for them in a drawer. And the video clip was awkward but funny :)

  2. Melissa,
    Thanks for the fabulous review! Enjoy your Tbox!

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