Mom Me Time Sponsor Spotlight: Streekers

11 April 2012

I love to dye my hair, the only problem is; I really want to use in your face colors and can't see myself living with a bright pink or purple head of hair for 3 months.  So I normally end up buying that spray hair color and it leaves my hair feeling stiff and then ends up flaking off after an hour or so.

One day while browsing the internet I happened to stumble upon a photo of a girl with just streaks of color in her hair, after clicking on the photo I was taken to Streekers website and I knew I had to have them!! As a woman with naturally dark hair ( I'm talking almost black) I normally dye my hair a purplish red ( Chocolate Cherry anyone??). So I was worried that I wouldn't be able to use the Streekers in my dark hair( we all know EVERYTHING shows up on the ones blessed with light colored hair).

The amazing company rep heard my dilemma and sent me a variety of colors to try, while advising me that the pink and red may not show up as bright. When they arrived, I was expecting just three different options, but I was overly joyed to see that she had sent me 6 of the 8 colors available!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="458" caption="Colors in order: Pink, Purple, Red, Green, Ultra Violet, and Blue"][/caption]

The girls and I headed straight to the mirror to test them out! Harm and Sassy wouldn't let me get pictures of the colors in their hair, but where Sassy has a lighter brown hair all the colors show up bright and vibrant. Harm has my darker hair, so the blue, green and ultra violet are the ones that show up best on her. So it was time to try them in my dyed hair, I used each color on a different section on my hair and while the blue, green and ultra violet showed up best; you could also see the purple, pink and red.

The applying of the color is super simple, Sassy has started doing her own hair every morning before school. A tip when applying the color: do it sparingly! If you add too much color to one strand it will cause your hair to be stiff and the color will rub off. The color lasts throughout the day, Sassy wears a streak or two to school everyday and it is still there and as vibrant as it was when she put it in, and you can brush your hair without worrying about the color fading.. I love how easy it is to apply and when it is time to wash out, all the color comes out super easy, it is like rinsing your hair after dyeing. Just get in the shower, run the water through your hair until the water runs clear and then shampoo as normal.

I know you are probably wondering :What are Streekers? 
Streekers is true temporary hair color with a difference: not a mascara, not a crayon, not a paint. It’s instant, liquid, and brushable. Colors are vibrant on blondes or blonde streaks and show as subtle highlights on darker hair.

Streekers can be purchased online at the site for $11.95 with shipping of $3.95. The little bottles last a long time if you are only doing two or three streaks at a time. Sassy has been using the pink with two streaks everyday for the last 30 days and we haven't even used half of the bottle yet.

Keep up to date with all the Streekers news:



Make sure you come back on April 22 to enter for your chance to win TWO Streekers!! I'm giving away my two favorite colors Blue and Ultra Violet!!



* I was provided with a sample product to conduct the review. We were not compensated in any way other than with a free product. All opinions are just that, our opinions.


  1. Monica said...:

    i think the blue would show up best in my daughter's medium brown hair..

  1. chelesa sims said...:

    these look like fun .

  1. Rebecca Parsons said...:

    My youngest daughter says her friend uses streekers and loves the quality of it. She wants her hair every color of the rainbow so she would love this.

  1. polly said...:

    i like the purple....this is a big hit with the young teens!

  1. I wish I had some purple to put in my teams hair Friday night for Relay For Life :-)

  1. Grace said...:

    I like the purple and hot pink :)

  1. how fun, my 10 yr old would love this... and I'd love it knowing that it is not permanent!

  1. Debbie P said...:

    My nieces would love this....especially the blue!

  1. I like the Ultra Violet!

  1. Trasina McGahey said...:

    Purple! My fav color!! (And LOVE your blogs BG too!)

  1. desiree said...:


  1. Kristie Betts said...:

    I like the pink or the purple

  1. Jennifer Metz said...:

    I love the ultra violet - my daughter would go crazy over the pink!

  1. Lorayne Gothard said...:

    purple would be my favorite but I love all the bold colors

  1. Holly Hennessy Swint said...:

    I like the Purple

  1. Elena V said...:

    I really like the Blue.

  1. Alexandra Roach said...:

    purple is coool!

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