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I have been an avid journaler since I learned to write. I know that there are 5 boxes of journals in my storage shed, and I have a plastic tub full here at the house. Not all pages are completely filled, and some only have a sentence or two.  This Journal 10 would have come in so handy for me! 

I am always having to get a planner each year and transfer addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, and anything else I need to remember (getting the furnace cleaned, vet appointments, etc).  It is so annoying to have to go to the store and find one that isn’t bedazzled or that doesn’t scrimp on the address section.  Then, I have to get a journal to record the family events so I can blog them or put them in baby books.  This is probably how I end up with 3 giant stacks of to-do’s on my table!  I think I found the solution with this product.
I haven’t been using it for years, but it is nice to make little daily notes of what occurred, have the addresses, important dates, to-do’s, in a place that I can use for over 10 years! This means no more buying yearly planners, no more hours spent transferring stuff over, and my notes on the family events, craft ideas, yoga flows, and such are all in one place!  I love this product and in ten years I will definitely be getting another!  

If you are like me and love to save money, time, and sanity, grab one for yourself online:

Or enter to win one!!!!! This giveaway is brought to you by Mommy Moments with Abby, Central Bargains and Giveaways, My Cozie Corner, and My Chaotic Ramblings.

Product description:

Each “daily page” of the Journal 10+ offers room to write about one day – March 6th, say – every time it comes around from 2010 to 2020 (start any time in 2010).   This convenient personal volume also offers sections for long-range planning, monthly overviews, addresses and phone numbers, and special dates. Bound in a durable leatherette cover, this unique diary will quickly become a treasured possession. 

  • Takes just 5 minutes a day
  • No pressure to fill a blank page
  • Builds over time into a family memoir
  • As you make each entry you see what was happening on that day in previous years
  • Re-reading triggers memories of people, place and events otherwise forgotten
  • Captures personal and family development and milestones

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Melissa is the mom of two girls and one boy and lives in Kentucky. She loves to read, write, craft, shop and of course, blog!


  1. Louis says:

    my favorite feature:
    Smythe-sewn binding & “leatherette” cover material are designed to last and look great for decades

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  2. Les Johnson says:

    The carryover pages will really help me…I tend to write big and can get pretty lengthy in my journals :)

    Les Johnson

    katja9_10 at hotmail dot com

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