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I know that as a mother, I should set a better example for daily water intake, but with all of the expensive water filter systems on the market, I just don’t have the time to compare prices and benefits. I will buy a case or two of regular bottled water each month and that will get the kids by, and they dislike tap water with a passion.

Quinten ends up refilling the disposable plastic water bottles once or twice and then tosses them, but I still feel that it is a waste of money. Sassy and Harmonie really don’t like the taste of water, so we end up mixing in some Crystal Light so they get the right amount of water ( I know..but it works). Quinten has been asking for a filtered reusable water bottle for a few weeks now, and when I came across bobble, I knew that I had found the perfect one for him!

Quinten loves that the bobble we received has a blue filter and spout. And the directions for first use are printed on the back of the package with words and pictures ( Quinten at almost 8 understood it enough to do it himself!)

(sorry for the shake, Quinten wanted to take the picture!)

We received the small which is 13oz/385mL and reasonably priced at $8.99. This smaller size is perfect for Quinten’s small hands and makes it so much easier for him to carry around and take to school. The bobble does come in a medium and large size, and if you are like me and Quinten, you can choose from any of their ten color choices for your filter!

Quinten says that the water tastes so much better than even the bottled water I buy and that I am no longer allowed to give him anything other than tap water in his bobble!  The filter makes for a whole lot LESS waste and if it helps Quinten get the water he needs then I am all for it!

Here is a little info taken from the site:

bobble is a stylish, reusable bottle that filters water as you drink, using an ingenious replaceable carbon filter. When water passes through the filter, the carbon removes chlorine and organic contaminants. bobble is intended for municipal tap water making water better, with every sip.

bobble is a beautiful, sleek alternative to single-serve plastic water bottles, which harm the earth (and your wallet). Every filter equates to 300 single-serve bottles. After a year, you’ve removed thousands of bottles from the environment, simply by filtering the water from your tap. bobble is free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC. And it is guilt-free as well. Enjoy!

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bobble is available in multiple retail outlets, including Target, JC Penney, Container Store, Bloomingdales and many others in the months ahead. It can also be purchased online, at



* I was provided with a sample product to conduct the review. We were not compensated in any way other than with a free product. All opinions are just that, our opinions.

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  1. that looks interesting and is a great idea… i like that the bottles are not real big so my kids could easily use them
    Trista Anderson recently posted..La Mode Baby Boutique Review #babybabyhopMy Profile

  2. Monica says:

    i like that they come in a large size..less need to refill throughout the day.

  3. chelesa sims says:

    I like how convenient they are . They seem like they save a lot of money

  4. Rebecca Parsons says:

    My daughter has this issue with tap water she says it takes like rocks lol. We bought a filter that connects to the faucet and she still wasn’t happy because she couldn’t take enough water with her to volleyball practice. Well this would help her a lot by having a filter convenient with her at all times.

  5. polly says:

    love thet by using this product youare helping the enviroment!

  6. I need a few of these… I like that they come in different sizes for the different sizes of people in your house :-)
    April Harvell recently posted..MIAMy Profile

  7. Grace says:

    I like that the filter is right in the bottle and they come in a larger size so you can take them to sports events and things
    Grace recently posted..Spring Into Fashion Giveaway Event~ Fantasy Jewelry BoxMy Profile

  8. Michele P. says:

    these sound great, I know my daughter would love one of these so she could fill up her water bottle at school from the drinking fountain and have it filtered by the bobble… it would taste much better of course and also get rid of that nasty smell she hates!

  9. Debbie P says:

    Interesting! This would be great for my husband who uses too many plastic water bottles. Thanks for the review!

  10. I love this fact! Every filter equates to 300 single-serve bottles. After a year, you’ve removed thousands of bottles from the environment, simply by filtering the water from your tap

  11. Trasina McGahey says:

    Love that it saves 300 bottles from being thrown out!

  12. desiree says:

    i would have to large i drink up to 4 12 oz ottle a day or more

  13. Kristie Betts says:

    I love the look

  14. Jennifer Metz says:

    This is so neat, I’d want to get a few in each size for occasions when we wanted to go to the park or whatever

  15. Lorayne Gothard says:

    I live the color and that it helps eliminate using water bottles

  16. Holly Hennessy Swint says:

    Great “green” product and could really use a new reusable bottle since mine is so old!

  17. Elena V says:

    I like that they come in a larger size, I feel like it’s more money-saving in the long run.

  18. Alexandra Roach says:

    I like that they come in different sizes!


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