Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mommy Blogger Weight Loss Challenge - 2/1 #21MBC


Well today is February 1st and the first official day of the challenge! I plan to update at least once a day with my progress: weight, exercises and food journal. You can also follow the progress of myself and my fellow mommy bloggers on Twitter using the hashtag #21MBC.

The challenge is put on by Dustin Maher, trainer and author of Fit Moms For Life.  He has some specific menus and workouts, but for the challenge it is actually all about eating better and moving. I can stand to loose quite a few pounds and really do need to be held accountable for what I am eating and doing throughout the day, so this will be a great program for me.

This week I will not be sticking to the menu plan that Dustin has, only because we already have everything planned out and bought for the next 5 days. So starting on 2/6, I will be following the menu plan.


My Goal for the next 21 days: Complete at least 3 Cardio, 3 Core and 3 Strength Workouts each week. And loose at least 10 lbs.

My Goal for this week: 5 straight push ups ( no breaks)

Dustin's Challenge for week 1: Take 10 minutes to read something you enjoy ( this one should be easy!!)

Workout today:  Strength ( didn't get much done with the kids having boat loads of homework and after school activities)

My Starting Weight: 199

Before Photos:


  1. I am now your happy LF follower and would love to have you become mine at Mom’s Best Nest ! I’m linking up to you on my blog.

  2. I now Follow you via Linky Followers. I'd appreciate a visit when you have a moment. Have a Great Weekend!

    BTW ~ Luv your purple blog!!

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