2011 HGG~ Vapur the Anti-Bottle #review

26 November 2011

We have a lot of exercise enthusiasts in our family, my oldest daughter being one of them! So we normally end up going through a lot of bottled water, or she ends up lugging around an aluminum water bottle. When school started this year, she signed up for Girls on the Run, which is a group that meets at school twice a week and helps girls to embrace their individual strengths and prepare them for middle and high school. Harm loved it, and she has started to really pay attention to what she east and does during the day.

Since she is exercising more two days of the week, we knew that we had to keep her hydrated, and while running it is hard for her to keep a hold of a bottle of water, so when given the opportunity to test out a Vapur Anti-Bottle, we knew it was something she would love.

The Vapur Anti-Bottle is a reusable water bottle that is completely portable. The Vapur Anti-Bottle is BPA-free and is constructed of three layers of ultra-durable plastic. The innermost layer is made from FDA-approved polyethythene, which is then bonded to two layers of nylon for strength and durability. Every Anti-Bottle is designed to withstand everyday use and regular cleaning. The inner layer is odor, taste and stain resistant, so it can safely be reused again and again! And to make it the ultimate bottle for athletes, runners, or anyone really... IT IS FOLDABLE!!!

We had to test it out, and since Harm had a meeting with GOTR the day after it came in, we knew it was the perfect time! So, with a little trepidation, I popped it into the dishwasher ( it is top rack safe) and waited with baited breath for the cycle to finish. And I was amazed that it survived the dishwasher ( not many of our water bottles have). So after be amazed at that, I knew we were going to be very satisfied with the Vapur Anti-Bottle. Harm wrote her name on the back of the bottle in the white space provided, and then took one of her tap water refilled plastic water bottles to see if the Vapur would hold a full 16.9 oz 9 amount held by regular store bought bottled water). And while the Vapur didn't hold the full bottle, there wasn't even a full sip left over.

It comes with a convenient carabiner, making it easy to clip to your purse, belt-loop or pack. Vapur Anti-Bottles also do not crack or dent, so there's not as much worry as with traditional rigid bottles. Just clip it and go. The carabiner made it really easy for Harm to attach the bottle to her backpack and she didn't have to worry about loosing it or it getting crushed. So all in all the Vapur Anti-Bottle is a great item to have and makes the perfect gift for the exercise enthusiast in your life. We plan to purchase a few more to add to gift baskets that we are giving to our gym loving cousins!!

The Vapur Anti-Bottle can be purchased online from the site:
.5L Anti-Bottles (18oz)(7 color choices) for 9.99 (special 30% sale going on now) $6.99

.5L Artist Series (3 Options) for $11.99/ Sale price $8.39

.4L Anti Bottle ( two packs/4 choices) for $15.99/ sale price $11.19

And if you don't want to purchase online, there is a store locator on the site so you can find a store in your area that sells the Vapur Anti-Bottle!!

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