2011 HGG~ Country Dance 2 for WII

23 November 2011

We are big video game players. We used to sit for hours in front of the tv playing games, then a couple of years ago; the WII came out and we had to have one. I love games that get the kids up and moving, and this way we all got a little extra exercise in while doing something we loved.
     I've seen a lot of dance type games out recently, and most of the songs on them are not ones that we normally listen too, but when I came across Country Dance 2, I knew that it was a game we had to add to our collection.
               When the game arrived, I was excited to see some of my favorite country artists on there; Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Blake Shelton and many more. Once the game goes in, finding your song is easy. However, I am not at all impressed with the "dance steps" . They are extremely hard to see as they are tiny and at the bottom of the screen; and they really do not tell you exactly what type of move you are supposed to be doing; the graphics for the move are hard to interpret and confusing at best.
I am assuming that the same type of graphics were used in the original Country Dance, and if you mastered those, then these should be no problem.
                   All of the songs have a difficulty level associated with them and there are a few duets (you have to have two dancers for those), trying out two songs with an easy level, I still had trouble getting even half of the moves down. The "steps" aren't clear at all and even with them, if you don't do it exactly it doesn't count.
                If you are great at getting dance steps and can do exactly as pictured, then this is a great game. And since I can't get anyone to dance with me, I haven't been able to try out the duets yet:(
Check out the Launch Trailer below

Country Dance 2 can be purchased on Amazon for $39.99 or at Walmart and Walmart.com for $39.96

*I was provided a copy of the video game in return for my honest review*

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