Zippies "Pals that hang around" Review & #Giveaway

15 October 2011

My kids love being able to personalize just about everything they own, be it their lunch boxes and backpacks or even the water bottles they are using for the day. When the Zippies arrived, the kiddos descended upon them like little vultures! With 5 to choose from and only three kids, there were a few fights at first, but once the Princess got hers everyone else was easy to please, Mom and Grandma even made out with one!!

Quinten ended up with Tazmo the Tiger, and promptly put his name on the back, then attached him to his backpack; "because he wanted everyone in his class to see how cool is new tiger was". The princess of course chose Kayla the High-energy girl, and really they are the perfect pair, since Sassy NEVER stops moving or talking! And Harmonie picked Flops the bunny, because I won't let her have a real one! I ended up with Faina the leaping frog, and Grandma got Chip the cool dude.

Once all of the zippie characters were attached to the kids' bags and had their names and numbers on them, they couldn't wait to go to school to show them off. I have mine in my purse so that way when I am out I can attach Faina to my water bottle so that way I don't have to worry about sitting it down and not knowing which one is mine. Grandma has hers attached to her keys so that she doesn't mix them up with anyone else's.

Zippies are collectable and come  by the piece(character) for $3.99, sets of 5 for $15.95 or the complete limited edition 10 pc first series set for $29.95. All with FREE shipping.  They can be ordered online at and found at select retailers.