02 July 2011
Wow!! That was an awesome turn out!! We didn't break 300, but we got pretty close!!! And once we hit 400 I will be doing another awesome giveaway for all of you!!!

Now I know you are here looking for the winners, so without further ado...( always wanted to say that!!)

First place with choice of 5 books goes to Mickey @ I'm A Book Shark ( confirmed/chosen)

Second Place who gets to choose 4 books after I get Mickey's choices: Julie S.

Third place with choice of 3 books is: Jolene A.

Fourth place with choice of 2 books is: June M

Fifth place with choice of 1 book is: Felicia Chan

Book Battle: Round 2 Series 2~~ Our Pick

So last week I told you all what books Lizzy and I would be reading. Well we both read the books and came to a solid decision! We picked Out Of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper. Below you will find a little about why i personally preferred Out of My Mind to Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress.

Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom DressWhile this was a wonderful light summer read for me, I couldn't really get into it too much and found that most of the story was really hard for me to relate to much. The story wasn't one that I would normally pick up and if it hadn't been for this battle, I am sure I would have passed over it at the library.

Out of My Mind I literally fell in love with the main character in this book right off the bat. I couldn't stop reading and it ended up taking me about 6 hours to finish the book. I loved how the story was written from the main characters point of view and the message that was coming across in the book is really a great one. 

Make sure to check out The Shady Glade for updates on the rest of the battle and hopefully we will see Out Of My Mind going further in the ranks!