It's Stephanie!

02 March 2011
This is the only rational/normal thing you will read in this post: Beware. Not everyone can handle my extrapolations. I'm just too weird. And truthfully, I would hate to corrupt all of you sweet, innocent people.

That being said...
HI! Stephanie (Stephie, Stephums, S) here. I'm thrilled to join Melissa here at My Chaotic Ramblings. That's right. I'm the newest addition at the blog. You might have seen me around the blogosphere before. But if you haven't, and are wondering, "Who is this chick?", it's why I'm here today; to introduce myself.

Because I'm so bad at autobiographies, I am just going to list a bunch of stuff about myself that I think you may want to know. Well, you probably don't want to know all this hibber jibber (lol -- did I just say that?) about me, but I am going to tell you anyway.

Things I like:
Grapefruit! My go-to power fruit. I eat like two a day. yumm.

Psychoanalysis. I was so sad when I discovered Sigmund Freud had been long dead by the time we studied him in English this year. If he was still alive, I'd probably marry him.

Tofu. You're probably like "Say what?" But yeah, I'm a pig. I just like all foods in general. I survive on it. But to be honest, you probably do too.

Things I dislike:
Cilantro. It makes me gag. (by the way, ANOTHER food?) 

Boys I date who forget important events -- like Valentine's day. I'm not saying a guy's a total asshole if he forgets something like Valentine's day. I'm just saying it's highly likely.

Bart Simpson. He bothers me. And not only because he only has four fingers on each hand and his skin is a pukish shade of yellow.

Five things that define me:
1. My girl friends think I'm a cynic and my guy friends think I'm a ditz. I'm sort of a little bit of both (you'll see it a lot in my writing), so it's like bipolar disorder. Only, I don't want to offend anyone who actually has bipolar disorder by comparing them to myself, so let's not say that.
2. I play rugby but you wouldn't be able to tell if you saw me in real life because I'm not as ripped as some of the other girls on the team are.
3. I'm sort of a dork.
What a BABE.
4. I have this weird outlook on spectator sports. I love watching college football (Hook 'em Horns!!) but NFL bores me. Baseball puts me to sleep, but basketball always has me at the edge of my seat. Sorry, baseball/NFL lovers...but to be fair, I hate watching soccer and I play soccer. (The only reason I watched the World Cup over the summer was because of that Cristiano Ronaldo guy...and I wasn't even rooting for Portugal!)
5. Times too many, I say out loud, completely awkward ideas that sounded so much better in my head. You'll find me doing this a lot if you talk to me.
6. About 60% of my spendings are on books and music, 20% on makeup, 10% on shoes I already have multiple pairs of in every color, 5% on Vitamin Water from vending machines, and 5% on miscellaneous items like Silly Bandz, yoga supplies, and erasers (I collect them!)

That was six! I said I would write five and I wrote six! I'm such a daredevil :)

Currently I am reading:
The Kiss by Kathryn Harrison. Hauntingly electrifyingly dazzlingly terrifying.

Some other things I enjoy but am too lazy to write about, and instead will elaborate upon by providing links:
hot guys, PaperBackSwap, book reviews, boyfriend, YouTube, photography, poetry

Anyway, I'm sure you've had enough of me, if you've even made it this far -- in which case, kudos! Hope you enjoyed getting to know me. Now tell me some things about you! I look forward to getting to know everyone from My Chaotic Ramblings. Such a great blog is bound to be full of lots of awesome people :)

You can find me at my personal blog, ¡Miraculous!, where I write about everything and anything. This is where you can find all my book reviews, author interviews, book giveaways, and so much more. There's also Tried and True, my product and household review blog where I have giveaways going on as well.

Stephanie x

Welcome Stephanie to the blog!!

Hey guys and gals:) I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Stephanie to the blog, be on the look out for her introduction post when she does it:) I'm looking forward to having her here with us and hope that you all love her!!

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