Breaking Dawn Hype... via Pinterest

13 November 2011

I admit to being a Twi-hard, at one point in time. That was until I got to the last book in the series. Breaking Dawn was and always will be my LEAST favorite book. For one, I dislike Edward, not saying I am all team Jacob; I just can't see being with someone as controlling and old fashioned as Edward; give me Jasper or Emmett any day!! And really, who in their right mind has an almost grown man "imprint" on an infant?
But enough about why I don't like the book.. I of course will be going to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 a few weeks after it comes out ( I NEVER brave premier night), and really, I've seen all the other movies, so I have to finish it out. So in sticking with the hype for the upcoming movie (11*18*11), I thought I would share some of my most recent Pinterest finds.

Twilight Saga Inspired Cake


Twilight Cupcakes ( Love the rose)


Breaking Dawn book shaped cake


Breaking Dawn Wreath ( LOVE IT!!)

Source: via Katie on Pinterest


Movie Poster 1 ( Not my favorite)

Source: via Katie on Pinterest


Movie Poster 2 ( This one is better)

Source: via Twilight on Pinterest


Twilight Saga Cake Pops!!!


Imprint hoodie ( For this movie, I am Team Wolfpack!!)


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