2011 HGG~ Pillow Pets on Nintendo DS

The kids love Pillow Pets, and we have almost all of the ones they have put out so far, and the next logical step was to get the video game. When given the opportunity to review this game, I knew the girls would love it, and that hopefully so would little Man.

The game arrived and of course all three kids were clamoring to play. We let Sassy go first, since she was the youngest (5) and we figured that we would test out just what age this game was for. Sassy took right to it and I only had to explain a few things for her. The game is highly interactive and rewarding. Sassy was excited when she collect her first pillow pet and it ended up in her room. And after playing for 30 minutes she had saved 5 pillow pets and was working on her 6th one.

The game is perfect for younger children that want to play video games along side their older siblings. There are no “enemies” in this game, which makes it the perfect non violent video game. I even sat down to play it and while I couldn’t find even half of the hidden items in the game, the kids made sure to coach me on where they were! I loved the cute characters and that even if one hidden item couldn’t be found there wouldn’t be any bad feelings. The only real draw back to the game is that there is only one save slot, which means that the kids either had to play on the same “save” or loose all of their progress in guest mode once the game was shut off.
Quinten (7) had no problem getting pretty far in the game, while Harmonie (9), beat it within a few hours. So while it is great for the younger kids, the older ones may find it a little too easy.
At the price, the game is definitely worth it. If you or your child love Pillow Pets toys, then the game really does a good job of making a cute and involving game that allows your children to explore in a non-violent atmosphere.

You can purchase the game at most retail stores or online at Amazon for $16.00. Or you can scroll down and enter to win our “Very Gently Used” copy!! Sassy wanted to make someone happy this Christmas and decided that we were going to give our copy away!!

*I was sent a review copy of the game from the publisher in return for my honest opinions.

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  1. Brandy Lewis says:

    This game would be for my daughter who has recently discovered the ds.

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