2011 HGG~ Omyst Healing Herbal First Aid Spray {Review}

My kids never fail to get a cut or scratch each week. I know Miss Sassy had a run in with a tree while at her Aunt’s this past weekend and ended up tearing up her knee pretty good ( no tears though). I normally hesitate to use any OTC products on their cuts and scratches, then I remembered that I had a review sample of Omyst in my bag, and this was the perfect chance to test it out!

With the Omyst there is no need to worry about messy creams or covering the scratch to keep from getting the cream on your clothes, as air is essential in the healing process ( as we all know). You just clean up the wound with mild soap and water, then spray Omyst on ( from about 3 to 4 inches away) and you are set to go.
Normally any cut or scratch on Sassy takes about a week and a half to heal, and I was expecting the same with this one, but after applying the Omyst I notice visible improvement within a few days and the scratch was healed completely in a work week (5 days). Sassy didn’t complain of any burning or stinging when the Omyst was applied and she didn’t keep trying to scratch while it was healing, so that was a plus in my book!

Omyst is a healing herbal first aid spray that contains organically grown Calendula, Yarrow, Plantain & Wild Roses. Calendula is beneficial as an anti-inflammatory, Yarrow an antibacterial, Plantain and astringent and the Wild Roses are rejuvenating, all those wonderful plants together and you get a great smelling product!!

* Omyst was created by a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Herbalist with over twenty five years of emergency room experience and an expert on wound care.

You can purchase Omyst from the website for $20.00 or find in a retail store near you by using the store locator on the site.

You can find Omyst online on Facebook and Twitter also!

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