Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti {Review}

01 October 2011
Title: Something Like Fate
Author: Susane Colasanti
Publisher: Speak ( An Imprint of the Penguin Group)
Date: May 4th 2010
Pages: 268
ISBN: 9780142418826
Source: Gift
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Summary from Goodreads:

Best friends Lani and Erin couldn’'t be more different. Lani'’s reserved and thoughtful; Erin'’s bubbly and outgoing. Lani likes to do her own thing; Erin prefers an entourage. There'’s no possible way they could be interested in the same guy.
So when Erin starts dating Jason, Lani can’'t believe she feels such a deep connection with him— and it may be mutual. The more Lani fights it, the more certain she feels that it’'s her fate to be with Jason. But what do you do when the love of your life is the one person you can’'t have?


My Thoughts:

I have been wanting to read this book for over a year now. It has been sitting on my shelf for the last 4 months, and now that I am finally finished with it, I am not pleased. I really dislike books that just leave you hanging without having a sequel coming out. And Something Like Fate happens to be one of those books.
The book is told in three parts, April-May; June-August; and September-October, so we get less than a year in Lani, Jason, Erin and Blake's lives. Lani is the main character. There was an accident ( at first it isn't clear what kind or even when it happened) that involved her and her best friend Erin. This accident apparently gave the girls a deeper connection and Lani sees Erin as her "soul sister". Lani's other friend Blake is gay and so far Lani is the only one that knows. We get thrown into their junior year in high-school and get a little background on why Lani isn't hanging out with the same crowd that Erin does. The we get Jason thrown into the mix, he is Erin's newest interest and she acts a lot less like an almost 18 year old and more like a 14 or 15 year old when talking to Lani about him.
Long story short, Erin and Jason start dating, Lani starts to fall for Jason because he is literally her soul-mate, they like the same things, have actually known each other since they were little, and even come up with some of the same off the wall stuff that no-one else gets. Lani starts hanging out with Jason more and more and even though she trys her hardest she can't help but fall for him a little more each day; of course Erin is ok with all of this because she thinks that Lani is just Jason's friend. You can tell that Jason likes Lani too, and even Blake can see it; Blake called it from the very beginning. Lani and Jason confess their feelings for each other towards the end of the school year and when Erin goes off to camp for the summer things get a little more serious between Lani and Jason.
Jason breaks up with Erin in a letter and of course beginnings dating Lani, although they must keep it a secret until Jason can tell Erin about them in person. When Erin arrives home, Lani can't stand not telling her, so she convinces Jason that they shouldn't see each other until he can tell Erin. All heck breaks loose after that, and really; I shouldn't have expected less from Erin than what she did.
Of course everything gets resolved in the end and while the ending is VERY abrupt, I can see why Susane ended it there. I would have LOVED to know how Lani and Jason got through the rest of the school year, and if her and Erin really did work things out; but I guess I'll leave all that up to my imagination.

My Rating:


  1. Alex said...:

    If you read the last page, it has a postcard from Hawaii to Jason from Lani. So they do stay together as far as we know.

  1. AWSOME said...:

    i want to know what happenes to Blake

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