Review: Of Witches And Warlocks: The Trouble With Spells by Lacey Weatherford

04 October 2011
Title: Of Witches and Warlocks: The Trouble With Spells.


Author: Lacey Weatherford

Series: Book One

Publisher: Smashwords

Date: March 8, 2011

Pages: 324

ISBN: 1466209771 (ISBN-13: 978-1466209770 )

Source: Purchased

Purchase: Kindle or Paperback, Smashwords

Summary from Smashwords:

Portia Mullins had always lived the life of a normal teenager, up until her sixteenth birthday. She is then informed by her grandma that she is actually a witch who
is a descendant of a long line of witches and warlocks. After overcoming her disbelief she finds that being a member of the coven comes with one great perk in the form of the school’s handsome bad boy, Vance Mangum. Vance and Portia have an immediate connection as a budding romance begins, only to be threatened by turbulent skies on the horizon as Vance’s checkered past rears its ugly head to haunt them. Portia is forced to use her untried powers in defense of everything she loves in a desperate attempt to hold on to the one thing that really matters in her life.

My thoughts:

While I love reading YA books, I have to say that I am finding a trend that sadly, this book followed as well. Either the main character's parents are divorced, dead or are alive with busy lives. In this case specifically, Portia's parents are both busy. Mom works nights and dad is off “working” as a traveling salesman. Which leaves Portia to do pretty much as she pleases.

Portia isn't a bad girl, she is very mature and responsible for her age. But what sort of rubbed me the wrong way about this book is the fact that when she turns 16, she learns she is a witch, descendant from a long line as a matter of fact. She seems to be pretty okay with it and a natural talent emerges. She also gains a boyfriend who, after the two of them do a binding spell, they can't stand to be apart.

Most of the story focuses on their romance, okay to be honest, 75% of the story focuses on their romance. The fact that he sleeps over, in her bed (granted above the covers... but still...) sort of irked me. The other fact that got to me is that it took so long to get to the story. I had the Kindle version and it seriously didn't start getting interesting until the last quarter of the book.

I'm not trying to be mean, I'm trying to be honest when I say that even with these issues (granted a couple are just personal issues) I AM looking forward to reading the next book. However, having said that, I won't finish it if it doesn't start getting into more detail of the actual plot. I can only read so much about two teenagers kissing passionately or physically hurting because they have to be apart. I understand that the binding spell does have a specific reason and place in the story. I won't spoil it here. However, I think it could have been written a little better to focus more on things that were happening and not so much on the two kids pawing at each other while her parents are working or out of town. I don't know any parent that would be okay with something like this, fictional or otherwise. And while this may seem more like a personal review, I have to state that a lot of the story between the two characters started to become stagnant and, in my opinion, did not propel the story forward very much. Again, more focus should have been aimed at the plot and things that were happening and not shoved in the background like an afterthought.


My rating:


  1. Doesn't matter if the characters are great if there's no plot. Honest review, Mel.

  1. Thanks Alex. It was difficult to do this review because I feel I had too many personal issues vested into it, but I can't help how a book makes me feel. I can only think that YA's will love it more than adults who read YA for lots of different reasons. Thanks for your comment and support on this blog!

  1. L'Aussie said...:

    This is a very honest review. I must say I love the cover. Good one.


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