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Dotmine Day Planner

I used to spend hours on Friday nights putting everything for the next week onto a calendar. And then everything ended up all squished together after adding all three kids’ stuff, mine and even the hubby’s, so while it was all finished, I could barely read it. With all the extra blog duties that I needed to write down, I ended up having to have a second calendar; which really defeats the purpose of doing it all on one, right?
This is where the genius that is DotMine Day Planner comes in! There is an option for just about everyone. Hers gives you sophisticated or flirty, His gives you Metro or Macho, Me.Gen-y gives you Sassy or Chic, and Students get Chillax’n or Out There. You can get the Time.Mine Planner which is great to use as a school planner, Family_Time.Mine which is perfect for us busy moms ( and works amazingly well for use bloggy moms!!!), and the Life_Time.Mine which is also great for moms, but more for the business ones that have all sorts of things to plan.

When choosing one to review, I knew that I needed to be able to schedule things that happened once and things that were recurring, so the Family_Time.Mine was the one for me. I choose the one in Coral Sarong, since I love pink and it goes well with my personal stationary!
Coral Sarong Planner

See, it’s adorable in all it’s pinkness! When it arrived I immediately sat down with it, my trusty purple pen and all the calendars, notes and scrap pieces of paper that make up my schedule! Entering everything into the planner was simple, and the spaces provided were large enough to hold everything that needed to be there without making it hard to read or understand. I filled out everything for August in purple, then figured that I would color code for the rest of the month. With the extra spaces in each monthly calendar, I was able to give myself and anyone else checking a little key so that we all know who is what color.
The perforated margins make for great shopping or to-do lists and easily tear right out. The four schedules ( Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer) make it exceptionally easy for me to coordinate everyone’s weekly schedules for the season. Harm has a “Girls on the Run” meeting every Wednesday and Thursday for the fall and winter, while everyone else has something or other going on, so once I got everyone’s info into the Master Schedule Planning Guide it was easy to transfer over to the Weekly schedule, and then when I am jotting down the monthly activities, I just take a peek at the schedule and can easily see what needs to be where.
The Weekly planner part is a real big time saver, I just open it up on Sunday night and everything for the next 7 days is right there. I love that this section also has a spot for “family_time this week” so that way I can jot down an activity or two to do with the kids and since it is right there staring me in the face I won’t forget or not make time. There are even quotes on the bottom of each week that have either made me laugh, cry, or really think about certain things in my life.
At the back of the planner there are sections for Family Business where you can jot down the names and number of the important contacts; be it your accountant, the drugstore or even the kids’ coaches. You also have a “Fun & Fans” section for Names and numbers; “Work” section for all your work contacts. There is also a babysitter section so you can leave all the important info for your sitter! The kids love knowing that if they need the number for the new girl ( or boy) in their class they can check out the Kid’s stuff section and if they have given me the number it will be there. The kids also have a blast going through and adding the included stickers to the monthly calendar when they are needed ( the girls already have us scheduled for 7 beauty days over the next 4 months). The pocket in the back of the planner makes it easy for me to keep track of anything that needs to be signed and returned, I just write the due date down on the monthly calendar and then put a note that it is in the back pocket, so no more lost permission slips!
The plastic cover has stood up to a lot of torture from the kids over the last couple of weeks, and it is still holding strong, so I see this little baby lasting the full 17 months that it gives me! We are already narrowing down our choices for the next Planner!!!

Here’s your chance to win your own Family_Time.Mine planner!!!

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  1. Thank you for the opportunity. I did enter to win one on another blog but now I feel I have 2 chances… :) You are great.
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  2. Tracy Tibbels says:

    This sounds like just what I need!

  3. Linette says:

    I soooo need one of these!
    Linette recently posted..The Earth Painter ~Book ReviewMy Profile

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