Back To School Sponsor Spotlight: Paper Scissors Rock

When searching for a small alarm clock that is functional and cute, I ran into a few problems in the stores. So of course my search moved to the internet. When I came across Paper Scissors Rock, I knew that I was in luck. The alarm clocks are cute, small and functional! When speaking to Pam, the creator of these adorable clocks, I learned that there are a lot of different items on her site and in some stores!

You can get some darling alarm clocks, colorful wall clocks, magnets, bookmarks, greeting cards, and even an adorable nightlight.
All items on the site and in stores are reproductions of hand-painted items of Pam’s. So while you aren’t necessarily getting a one of a kind item, you are getting something that not everyone in the world has. I searched the site and found only two stores in my state that sell Paper Scissors Rock items, so I can say that I have something that likely no one else has.
The alarm clock that I received is small, roughly 2′ square, so it doesn’t take up a whole lot of space on the bedside table. It is easy to set the time and to turn the alarm on you just pull up the tab in the back. The alarm itself is loud enough to wake up Miss Sassy, but not everyone else in the house!  The clock does not have a traditional second hand, the one we got was the Heart and there is a little heart that travels around the face of the clock that acts as the second hand! Sassy loves it and has been showing it off to everyone! Click below to see the clock in action:
We also received a set of magnets in the heart theme. Can you tell the Sassy has a thing for hearts?
The magnets are great for sticking on the fridge, or Sassy’s magnetized dry erase board. We have had them up for a few days now and even with taking them down and putting them back on, they are holding perfectly! The strength of these magnets is amazing, i normally end up buying magnets two or three times a year, just to replace the ones that end up breaking apart or seemingly loosing their strength after being moved around all the time. But I can see these lasting for quite a while.
Along with the magnets and alarm clock we also received a magnetized book mark. Now, as an avid reader I am always trying to find a book mark that will hold my page even if the book is dropped. With regular book marks I have lost the page more than once after laying the book down and the kids getting a hold of it, or it being moved by someone and then falling. But  with the magnetized book mark from Paper Scissors Rock, I no longer have to worry about that. The book mark is a piece of high quality recycled paper,folded over with two magnets ( one on each side). The magnets have a very strong hold and even hold with about 5 pages between the magnets. With the book mark being a square you can position it anywhere on the page and it will still hold. So until the paper book marks that you can only stick on the corner of the page, you can put the magnetic book mark closer to the spine or even along the side.

Heart design of the magnetic book mark



**DISCLOSURE**  The product(s) in this review were provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.


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