Saturday, June 25, 2011


Over the last day and a half I have been letting my 9 year old daughter play on a site called Globworld.  I am really strict with what games and places she can see when she is on her computer, so normally I'll play around on whatever website she wants to go to before I will let her on it.  I sat for an hour going through the games, videos and even the forum they have on the site.Let's just say that I LOVE the site. Right now there are a total of 6 games kids can play, and all of them teach something. Harm's favorite game is Rasta Rays and to me it is like a bejeweled game, but she is learning to make orders of specific fruit for her customers!
 The one big issue I have with most sites that are geared toward children is that though they claim to be safe, there really isn't any moderation of what goes on in comments or their forums. With GlobWorld, that isn't a problem! All comments, posts and other things that your child does ( chat wise) are moderated by a HUMAN, not some computer looking for key words ( that I have found you can so get past by adding a letter or even subbing a numb3r). Here is a little info from the website:

Safety!! Safety!! Safety!!
All GlobWorld members engage the community through their very own glob persona. Not only is it just plain fun to be a glob, but in this way we can be sure our child members remain anonymous to the community at large.
Better yet, all user-generated content within GlobWorld (article comments, forum discussions, profile questions, etc.) must first pass through human moderators before appearing live on the site. Our moderators take the utmost care to ensure…
No child reveals personally identifiable information (i.e. real name, home address, phone number, etc.)
No bad or hurtful language appears anywhere in GlobWorld
No cyberbullying
No predator behavior
Beyond keeping kids safe in GlobWorld, we are very active in the overall struggle against bullying. For more information on our anti-bulling efforts, please visit OMGbullyfree.com. Also, GlobWorld’s Founder & CEO — a mother of two young kids — was featured in the February issue of Parenting magazine — “Meet the Bully Buster”.

This site is a great place for kids to play games and LEARN! Harm didn't even realize that she was learning while playing the games and checking out the awesome kid safe videos that they have on the site.  And really guys the best part about the site?? IT IS TOTALLY FREE TO USE!!!! How can you pass that up? You get a fun, safe and educational site for your child and you don't have to worry about it breaking the bank!!! So grab your kid(s) and head on over to GlobWorld and let them have a blast playing the games and watching the videos.. and don't forget to check out their awesome articles!!!

*This site was brought to my attention by working with PTPA Media. I received no compensation for my review, other than the joy of knowing that my kids have a safe place to play online games. All thoughts and opinions are mine and in no way reflect the experiance you may have*


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Thanks for the heads up on this game site. I am constantly looking for safte sites for my boys.

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