DotGirl Product review

20 September 2010

This is one thing I am really not looking forward to, the period talk!! I have been dreading this day since the day Harmonie was born!! I know this isn't something that would normally be given for Christmas, but with Harmonie being 8 and getting closer to the dreaded time I thought that this wold be perfect as a little stocking stuffer, and help us get through the talk before the time was upon us.
Everything comes packaged up in this cute pink vinyl round case, making for easy carrying around in a backpack or purse. The included Dot Girl Period Answer book has all the answers to common questions that will be asked by a new starter. 
The kit includes 5 pads, 5 disposable bags ( for disposing of pads), a reusable Dot Girl warming pad for those nasty cramps, and 2 hand wipes.
I don't think that there is one specific part of the kit that I like more than another. I love the book, and I know that it will help me answer any questions that Harm may have. The pads will come in very handy if she starts unexpectedly, the bags and wipes also. The case that everything is in is perfect because even after she starts and has got a handle on it, I can just throw a couple of pads in there for her just in case.

Dot Girl offers more than just the First Period Kit. You can find underwear for your daughter, books to help you talk to you daughter and even a journal for her. The site is a great resource for parents also. You can find a printable Period Calendar to help your daughter and you track her periods. There is also a section for First Period FAQ's which I think all of us mothers of girls should check out, and the articles and resources section is very informative.

I really am not looking forward to having this talk with Harm, it's almost as bad as the birds and bees talk to me. I don't want my baby to grow up, but at least I will have a few more years after the talk with Harm before I have to sit Sassy down.