Blog Tour Review~My Sister's Voice by Mary Carter

05 May 2010

MY SISTER’S VOICE is Mary Carter’s remarkable new novel about the exclusive relationship sisters share but not like any story of sisterhood I have ever read. Carter has written a moving tale that is so beautifully told that you can literally feel the pain and celebrate the joy. MY SISTER’S VOICE is an exceptionally heartfelt story that tests the bond that sisters share no matter what the circumstances. Can the mysterious, as well as resilient, bonds of sisterhood remain no matter how deep they're buried? One woman, Lacey, a deaf artist living in Philadelphia , has a bright future ahead of her, and is about to find out.

You see, Lacey accidentally finds out, at the age of 28, that she has a twin sister, Monica. The twins were separated when they were infants when Lacey was placed in a home for disabled orphans. Lacey grew up and fought hard to make something of herself as she became a respectable and well-known local artist and yet, she was bewildered and shocked to find that her biological parents raised Monica but gave her away. She decides she must know what happened and why. Meanwhile, Monica knew nothing of her sister either and she is on the other side where she is so happy to just have a sister that she wants to celebrate this miracle. She is ready to enjoy her sister and wants to become close friends right away. However, Lacey wants answers, not friendship. As the questions start to be answered, however, the painful reality of the reason for their separation, as well as the life Monica lived growing up, is one that for every answer it reveals, another question comes up, each one more mysterious and intense than the last.

The twists and turns in the story are poignant and painful at times. The honesty with which Mary Carter writes this touching story makes it a can’t put down book. The intriguing discovery of the similarities as well as often parallel lives the girls shared is quite interesting and supports the research about this kind of connection. I think that MY SISTER’S VOICE is a one that you will want to hear for it speaks volumes about relationships and family.