Review~ At Home With Laurie Ann

08 February 2010

These days few can afford to hire an interior decorator. No need. A copy of At Home with Laurie Ann and an open mind are the only requirements to give you home the professional, yet melt-into-a-sofa look and feel you've always wanted.

Starting with the basics, At Home with Laurie Ann cracks the code to creating the home of your dreams on the budget you have. The instructions are simple and straightforward, and the look is cozy and comfortable. It's practical because Laurie starts with what you already have, moves a piece of furniture here, makes a substitution there, adds unexpected color and tops it off with inexpensive { but expensive-looking} purchases. The result is a thrifty transformation.

Title: At Home with Laurie Ann: A Decorator's Guide: Turn the Place You Live Into a Home You Love

Author: Laurie Ann McMillin Ray

Genre: Home/Interior Design

ISBN: 987-0-9840748-0-8

Publication Date: February 2010

Pages: 224

Price: $29.95

Publisher: Laurie Ann Publishing, Inc.

My Thoughts:

My mom and I both loved this decorating book. With most of the decorating books we buy, the things they suggest for you to do are almost near impossible unless you have money to waste. As a family on a tight budget, I was extremely please with At Home with Laurie Ann. I have already implemented a few ideas from this book. I loved how everything she suggested was easily accomplished with very little if any extra money being spent. Laurie Ann's ideas are fantastic and something I normally wouldn't think to do. I see us slowly going from room to room implementing most of her ideas!

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