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Review~ Obesity Free Forever by Georgene Collins

Title: Obesity Free Forever: Losing Weight from the Inside Out
Author: Georgene Dana Collins
Genre: Health and Wellness/ Fitness
ISBN: 978-0-9824568-0-4
Publication Date: April 2009
Pages: 172
Price: $15.95
Publisher: Collins Information Services, Inc.

About the book:
Want to learn to become obesity free forever?
It can be achieved with a safe, natural approach that combines winning strategies as well as scientific and proven weigh loss strategies.
Georgene Collins shares her five-step process to successfully losing weight in Obesity Free Forever: Losing Weight from the Inside Out. Learn how to:
*Overcome hunger and feel full
*Recognize obstacles that prevent weight loss
* Visualize the new you and use it to achieve success
* take control of your life and emotions
*Maintain weight loss and increase energy.
* Create and individual, personalized plan that fits your personality, lifestyle and budget.
Collins relies on information from reputable sources, such as the Centers for Disease Control and the Nation Weight Registry, to illustrate the journey from obesity and binge/emotional eating to a more healthy and energetic life.

About the Author:
Georgene Collins, a registered nurse and certified consultant in weight management, personally understands the challenges of weight issues-she lost over 120 pounds in 2005, over 140 pounds total, and has maintained the weight loss ever since. Collins is a Director of Quality in a local hospital in Indiana and a student at Capella University.

My thoughts:
I enjoyed reading this book, and think that the author's journal at the end was a great thing to include. 
Georgene touches on most of the key points when it comes to losing weight, but says that to get there and maintain the weight loss you must eat a certain number of meals a day and thise meals should be at about the same time everyday. I'm not the type of person that can schedule my days like that, so I just count my calorie intake and make sure I son't go over.
Georgene also suggests the use of at least 2 journals, a food intake journal and a reflective journal. Personally, I prefer to keep both journals together as one so that I can see exactly how my mood affected my eating on a specific day and vice versa. 
But if you appreciate a more structured, scheduled approach to weight loss, this is a great book and you should really pick it up.

I received a copy of this book for review from www.amarketingexpert.com
 I was not required to write a positive review and the opinion expressed is just that, my opinion:)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Review~Family Fit by Dr. John E. Mayer

About the Book:
Family expert and psychologist John Mayer's new book, Family Fit, is a formula for all families to learn how to have fun while becoming fit by coming together as a family. Mayer contends that family meals and exercise should be fun-not work- and that words like diet, exercise and workout have developed negative connotations and shouldn't be used to promote family fitness.
Mayer's athletic background and concern for his growing family's health and fitness made him realize that nothing brings a family together like having fun with food and exercise. Teens, especially, respond to the idea of something "fun" rather than work- they get enough work in school and from chores.
It's difficult to break the chain if family obesity. Generations of the same families are often plagued with obesity that brings on diseases such as diabetes, heart problems and high blood pressure. Sometimes the problem can only be alleviated by the family coming together as a group and creating an atmosphere where health and fitness thrive.

About the Author:
John Mayer is a prolific writer and psychologist who's been writing about children and family life for many years. He's become an undisputed expert in his field, even writing for the United Nations. His book " Creating a Safe and Welcoming School," has been translated and dispensed around the world by the United Nations.
Mayer's books include a series- "The Parent's Mini-Manual Series." which includes titles such as "Getting Great grades" and "Drug Prevention in the Home." Most of Mayer's books are written for families, including " The 3 Week Family Fat Cure."
Visit www.squidoo.com/familyfit for more.

Title: Family Fit
Author: John E. Mayer
Genre: Health & Fitness/ Nutrition
ISBN: 978-0-9820961-7-8
Publication Date: June 2009
Pages: 264
Price: $16.95
Publisher: NIS Publishing/NogginPower2

My Thoughts:
Dr. Mayer touches on family obesity in this book, and helps us see ways, as a family, to get fit and stay fit.
The food list { that you fill in} included in the book is a wonderful way to get the kids involved and show them the UNHEALTHY foods vs. the HEALTHY foods that are present in your home.
Dr. Mayer also includes planner pages for you to fill out for habits and things that are unhealthy. The habits lists are great for focusing on the unhealthy things we do everyday, such as treating the kitchen table as the central hub of our homes. The list includes spaces for the unhealthy habits, how you have changed them and also a place for your new HEALTHY habit or thing.
 The three pillars of the program are:
Diet & Nutrition
There are also a few Family Day Planners included in the book that list basic outlines for eating and activity levels.
With all the info and success stories included in the book you should have no problems getting fit as a family.

I received a copy of the book for review from www.amarketingexpert.com, I was in no way required to write a positive review and the opinion expressed is just that, my opinion:)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hasta la Vista, Lola! Virtual Book Tour February 2010~Review

Hasta la Vista, Lola! by Misa Ramirez (click on cover to order at Amazon)

About the Book:
What’s a girl to do when she finds out she’s been killed? Pinch herself to make sure she’s not a ghost, for starters. When Dolores Cruz comes home to her parents’ house to find every relative she has mourning her death, all hell breaks loose. With the help of on-again/off-again love Jack Callaghan, and juggling a new case thrown at her by muy misterioso boss Manny Camacho, it’s up to fledgling detective Lola to find out who’s behind the identity theft and suddenly wants her dead.

My thoughts:

I had a really hard time getting into this book. I'm not sure if it is where I came in on the second book in the series or if it was all the Spanish being spoken { without translation} in the book. I know very few spanish words and even that wasn't enough to get me through the book. I feel as though I missed a lot of things by not understanding what was going on, and felt completely lost while trying to figure out what so and so just said. I think that if I could understand spanish a little better then this would be a wonderful book, but as it is, I can't understand it so the book holds no appeal for me.

Review copy provided by www.pumpupyourbook.com~ I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed in this review are just that, my opinions!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Did you LOVE Shiver?? Here's your chance to win an ARC of LINGER!!!

Linger Cover LargeIn Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver, Grace and Sam found each other.  Now, in Linger, they must fight to be together. For Grace, this means defying her parents and keeping a very dangerous secret about her own well-being. For Sam, this means grappling with his werewolf past . . . and figuring out a way to survive into the future. Add into the mix a new wolf named Cole, whose own past has the potential to destroy the whole pack.  And Isabelle, who already lost her brother to the wolves . . . and is nonetheless drawn to Cole.

At turns harrowing and euphoric, Linger is a spellbinding love story that explores both sides of love -- the light and the dark, the warm and the cold -- in a way you will never forget.

Comes out in stores everywhere July 20th. Pre-order here.

Enter to win an advanced review copies of LINGER, Sisters Red, The Dead-Tossed Waves, and The Replacement on Maggie's blog.

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Blog Tour~ Eternal On The Water by Joseph Monninger

Title: Eternal on the Water
Author: Joseph Monninger

About the Book:

From the day Cobb and Mary meet kayaking on Maine's Allagash River and fall deeply in love, the two approach life with the same sense of adventure they use to conquer the river's treacherous rapids. But rivers do not let go so easily...and neither does their love. So when Mary's life takes the cruelest turn, she vows to face those rough waters on her own terms and asks Cobb to promise, when the time comes, to help her return to their beloved river for one final journey.

Set against the rugged wilderness of Maine, the exotic islands of Indonesia, the sweeping panoramas of Yellowstone National Park, and the tranquil villages of rural New England, Eternal on the Water is at once heartbreaking and uplifting -- a timeless, beautifully rendered story of true love's power.

My Review:

As a rule, there comes a time in a book where you reach the point of no return, when you simply cannot stop reading. In Joseph Monninger’s Eternal on the Water, it is about 10 pages in for me. But with this novel, you’re faced with a unique conflict – you know how it ends. So you spend the next 300 or so pages struggling with the urge to read non-stop, soaking in every page in the quest to absorb the story greedily, or savoring every moment, dreading the last page.

At three-fourths of the way through this book, I had to force myself to stop reading, as I simply had to save whatever I could for one last reading session. At that point, I had already been reading through the tears on more than occasion. Monninger is a skilled storyteller who conveys a love story of mystical proportions, one that will make your heart swell, your eyes fill, your soul dance. 

Eternal on the Water is the extraordinary story of the journey of two souls that are drawn to each other for too short a period – yet in that time, they experience and share a lifetime of memories, bringing you along with them on their adventures. This is a novel you can read over and over, and one you will want to. It tells of a fierce unconditional love, an unashamed zest for living, and a selfless generosity that warms your spirit.

I am in love with this delightful novel, which has catapulted onto my list of favorite books. I cannot recommend Eternal on the Water enough. If it is possible, reading it will simply make you feel better, and it will renew your passion for living. And you really can;t pass up a wonderful love story written by a man and told from a man's point of view.

Thanks to Pocket Books for providing me with a free copy of the book for the review.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Interview with J.A. Saare~ Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between

I would like to thank J.A. Saare for being her with us today, and also Goddess Fish Promotions for setting this all up:)

First off, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Let’s see…how can I make myself sound interesting? *grin*

Truthfully, the answer isn’t all that exciting. I’m a wife and mother who writes whenever she gets the opportunity.  Since those times are growing scarce, when I’m not creating new stories, I’m spending time with the family unit or partaking of my favorite things.

I can tell you what rocks my socks, if it helps. I’m a fan of smut, horror, fantasy, and just about anything else I can get my hands on.  I love movies, music, and can’t ever seem to satisfy my hunger to read.  

2: How long have you been writing? Where do you find your inspiration?  

Although I wrote a few snippets here and there in high school and college, I didn’t start “writing” until July 2008.  I remember it clearly as the story was Crimson Moon and it took a crow bar to pry me away from the computer.  When I wrote that story, I could not stop writing.  I spent all of my free time at the screen, and when I wasn’t there, I was scheming and plotting in my head. It was so bad I began carrying composition pads around to jot down ideas as they came.

I’ve always made these strange little videos in my head to certain songs, so that’s where the inspiration was born.  But I do enjoy taking ideas from movies or television, changing them around, and writing something unique. That’s one of my problems as a writer, and is one of many reasons I have so many WIP’s.  I can’t seem to write anything other than paranormal, and paranormal ideas are endless.  I love the freedom of creating anything I want, without limitation (within the laws for that particular world).

3: Can you tell us about "Dead, Undead or Somewhere In Between"? 

Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between is an urban fantasy that is told through the eyes of Rhiannon, a tough-as-nails woman who’s had a hard life.  One night while hustling some nine-ball at the local pool hall, she unwittingly reveals her necromancy to a couple of vampires.  Since she detests her “gift” to see the dead, she tries to blow them off.  Of course, if she did that, there wouldn’t be a story. *smile* Soon, she’s surrounded by creatures she’d rather not associate with, and even worse, there is a killer among them.
A little persuasion from Disco sees her traveling across the city to uncover clues as to who is killing off vampires and stealing their most precious commodity – their hearts.  Although I wouldn’t classify Dead as a suspense/mystery, I would say there is a trace of it along the journey.  There is also a touch of romance and a hint of darkness.

4: How important do you think the cover/title of a book is and did you have any say in that process?

Excellent question!
Thus far, all of my stories have titles that come from lines in the story.  I’ve been fortunate as all have been accepted and I haven’t been asked to change them. Cover art, on the other hand, is a very tricky (and touchy) subject for writers.  We want to share the image we see in our heads in regard to the work, but that’s not always a possibility. Many publishing houses have their own artists, and while they allow for some input, have total control over and the absolute final say over the cover art.

On one hand, I’m grateful that such talented people exist to make such lovely and captivating works, but on the other, I sympathize with those who get a cover that disappoints them.  I know the debate exists over sells v/s cover art, and I’m a staunch believer that a cover 100% sways a reader to take a chance on reading the blurb and excerpt.  It’s the first thing you see and is incredibly important.  Not to mention, authors are generally the primary advertisers of their work, and it’s difficult to be enthusiastic about a project when you dislike something as substantial as a cover.

As a side note, the cover for Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between was created by me. I was very thrilled when Eternal Press gave me the thumbs up to keep what I originally conceived.

5: Do you have any upcoming work that we should keep an eye out for? 

I actually have two full-length stories releasing this year.  Crimson Moon will be released on June 25th at The Wild Rose Press.  It’s a paranormal romance, and is the first in a trilogy.  My erotic romance novel, Eternity and a Day, has been contracted with Loose Id and will release sometime this year under my Aline Hunter alter ego.

6: Where can we find more of you? {websites, fan pages, twitter?}

You can always find updates on my website: http://www.jasaare.com
the ever addictive Twitter: @jasaare
 or you can drop me an email at jasaare .  
You can also check out my new website for Aline Hunter (which is under construction) at http://www.alinehunter.com

Thanks for having me on the blog! It was great to be here and share!

Jaime aka J.A. Saare

Virtual Book Tour~ Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between~blurb& excerpt


One bad corpse can ruin your whole day. No one knows that better than Rhiannon Murphy. 
She’s left behind the flash and sass of Miami for the no-nonsense groove of New York City, eager for a clean slate and a fresh start. A bartender by trade, a loud mouth by choice, and a necromancer by chance; she’s managed to keep her nifty talent hidden from those around her – until now. 
The deliciously good-looking vampire Disco knows her secret, and when he strolls into her bar to solicit help investigating the mysterious disappearances of his kind from the city, she discovers he’s not the kind of person that appreciates the significance of the word no. 
But in a world where vampires peddle their blood as the latest and greatest drug of choice, it’s only a matter of time before the next big thing hits the market. Someone or something is killing vampires to steal their hearts, and unlike Rhiannon, this isn’t their first stroll around the undead block.

Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between excerpt:

I took my time walking down Goose’s street. Brooklyn Heights was a nice area and relatively safe to wander alone. It was quiet now, with only a few people walking across the street. I unwittingly drifted into Never-Never-Land, sorting through my past, present, and future. Things didn’t turn out the way I thought, and I wasn’t sure how I’d reached this point. Now that I was here, I didn’t know what to do or expect. 
I thought of Disco, and that wrenching sensation of being torn in two overwhelmed me—something that happened each time I pictured his face or those heavenly golden blue eyes. I had never been so conflicted in my life. Normally, I knew exactly where I stood in situations, but not so much anymore. The black and white areas that governed my decisions just took on a huge middle ground of grey. 
My daftness proved to be my undoing yet again. I thwacked into an older woman with her mixed breed ankle biter, our shoulders knocking each other off course. I took the “watch where the fuck you’re going” in stride, nodding and muttering a half-assed apology, eager to get downwind of the Icy Hot wafting from her body and into my nose. 
I closed my eyes and groaned when I heard chuckling. Disco was gentleman enough to laugh out loud instead of startling the piss out of me, but it didn’t erase the fact he was laughing. 
Being humiliated always made me cranky. 
“You do have a short attention span,” he teased.
I glanced up. He was waiting on the stairs, eyes sparkling in amusement. Dear God, would I always find ways to look like an asshole in his presence?
I was grateful I’d decided to make the extra effort with my appearance, because he had too. He was dressed in black, as usual, but in a different style, without the trench coat. The shirt was a nice long sleeve button down, the collar open around his throat. He’d also left his honey-blond hair unkempt, and I worried he might have read my mind that night I’d thought about just how amazing it made him look. 
“Laugh it up,” I grumbled.
He was busy taking me in, starting at my feet and working his way up. He approved of my change of attire and wanted me to know it, taking his time and allowing his eyes to linger. I looked away, annoyed by my awkwardness. 
“You look delectable.” He used his uncanny speed to close the distance between us. I gazed up into his eyes, utterly transfixed by the shifting colors. “I’m going to buy an entire wardrobe consisting of things just like this for you.”
How do you respond to a remark like that?  I had no clue, and at the present moment, I didn’t care. His close proximity made me remember that heat I experienced on the couch in his foyer, and this time, I couldn’t completely fault the blood. I was attracted to Disco whether I wanted to be or not, and he knew it. The smart thing to do would have been to back away, but I didn’t want to. That grey area expanded, melding black and white together until there was no concept of right or wrong.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Review~ Sea Clearwater by Selene Cardenas

Written when the author was 13 years old, Sea Clearwater is the story of how the 13-year-old protagonist discovers 14-year-old Thomas Saise, who helps Sea Clearwater unravel the truth of her identity. Join them as they battle the evil Eric Shade, ruler of black benders. In addition to learning fighting skills as a water bender, Sea gains a greater understanding of a life beyond anything she imagined as she encounters wizards, fairies, gentle creatures and violent ones. Sea Clearwater is an action filled adventure into fantasy with romance, intrigue, suspense and surprises.

About the author:
Selene Cardenas is from a family of seven living in Arizona. She is passionate about ballet, reading and drawing and loves fantasy, romance and action. Selene is always writing and excited about sharing her characters' adventures. Selene says," Writing allows me to imagine and bring to life stories with fantasy, romance and action. My own life is like a fairy tale. I wrote Sea Clearwater when I was 13 and now I'm 15 and working on the next book in the Clearwater Series."

Title: Sea Clearwater
Author: Selene Cardenas
Genre: YA fiction
Publication Date: September 2009
Pages: 264
Price: $12.95
Publisher: Infinity Publishing

My thoughts:

I did not know what to expect with this book, seeing as it was written by a 13 year old. But I was surprised! I was drawn in wanting to know what would happen next to Sea and if Eric would show his face on the next page. Most chapters are relatively short, and it is a very quick read. But if you want something to kill about an hour or so, then pick this up. I am now going to hand this book over to my 7 year old so she can read it. 
 The writing is good for someone so young, but you can tell just that. I think my daughter will enjoy it.

Review copy provided by Paula at www.amarketingexpert.com~ I was not required to write a positive review~the opinion expressed in this review is just that... my opinion:)

Review~ Dear Baby, What I Love About You!

A sweet and playful love letter to babies, Dear Baby, What I Love About You! lets them know why they are so irresistible. Babies are nurtured by the affirming message that says "I see you. I see how you make the simplest of actions so endearing and how your kind character is already shining through."

This cheerful children's picture book is set in eye=popping tropical colors and drawn with playful warmth by new illustrator Jason Oransky. The baby yearbook at the end of the book is a unique feature allowing the book to become a keepsake of who read to Baby.

Title: Dear Baby, What I Love About You!
Author: Carol Casey
Genre: Children's/Baby
ISBN: 978-0-9820972-0-5
Publication Date: July 2009
Price: $6.99
Publisher: National Book Network

My thoughts:
As soon as I pulled the book out of the box it came in, Sassy was begging me to read it. So we sat down and went through the book. I loved that it is a hard boardbook and not a flimsy little thing. Sassy normally won't sit still and listen to me read, she has to be up doing something; but she sat silently next to me and loved looking at the pictures of babies in the book. We have read the book twice a day since we got it, and I believe if Sassy wanted she could say it word for word. The book travels with us whenever we leave the house and she has even asked a few people at our grocery store to read it to her { I used to work there so she knows most of the employees}. The baby yearbook in the back has spaces for a total of 14 signatures and those have all been filled in. 
All around this is a great book for the little princess in your life, she will delight in the beautiful bold colors and cute little baby girl character.

Review copy provided by Paula at www.amarketingexpert.com~I was not required to write a positive review and the opinion expressed is just that..my opinion:)

Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between~ Book tour

Goddess Fish Promotions is organizing a virtual tour to promote the urban fantasy novel, "Dead, Undead or Somewhere In Between" by J. A. Saare.

One bad corpse can ruin your whole day. No one knows that better than Rhiannon Murphy.

She’s left behind the flash and sass of Miami for the no-nonsense groove of New York City, eager for a clean slate and a fresh start. A bartender by trade, a loud mouth by choice, and a necromancer by chance; she’s managed to keep her nifty talent hidden from those around her – until now. 

The deliciously good-looking vampire Disco knows her secret, and when he strolls into her bar to solicit help investigating the mysterious disappearances of his kind from the city, she discovers he’s not the kind of person that appreciates the significance of the word no. 

But in a world where vampires peddle their blood as the latest and greatest drug of choice, it’s only a matter of time before the next big thing hits the market. Someone or something is killing vampires to steal their hearts, and unlike Rhiannon, this isn’t their first stroll around the undead block.

February 8: The Cajun Book Lady
February 9: Space Snark
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February 11: A. F. Stewart
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February 16: Raz Lovers Book Blog
February 17: Marianne Arkins
February 17 (stop #2): Wendi Zwaduk
February 18: Amber Scott Project
February 19: Tory Richards

J. A. Saare will be giving away a $10 Amazon.com gift certificate to one randomly drawn commenter from the tour and a $15 Amazon.com gift certificate to the tour host with the most comments, excluding duplicates or Victoria’s responses.

Make sure you stop back by here to check out the interview with J.A. Saare and leave comments so you can be entered to win the Amazon gift certificate!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Review~ At Home With Laurie Ann

These days few can afford to hire an interior decorator. No need. A copy of At Home with Laurie Ann and an open mind are the only requirements to give you home the professional, yet melt-into-a-sofa look and feel you've always wanted.
Starting with the basics, At Home with Laurie Ann cracks the code to creating the home of your dreams on the budget you have. The instructions are simple and straightforward, and the look is cozy and comfortable. It's practical because Laurie starts with what you already have, moves a piece of furniture here, makes a substitution there, adds unexpected color and tops it off with inexpensive { but expensive-looking} purchases. The result is a thrifty transformation.

Title: At Home with Laurie Ann: A Decorator's Guide: Turn the Place You Live Into a Home You Love
Author: Laurie Ann McMillin Ray
Genre: Home/Interior Design
ISBN: 987-0-9840748-0-8
Publication Date: February 2010
Pages: 224
Price: $29.95
Publisher: Laurie Ann Publishing, Inc.

My Thoughts:

My mom and I both loved this decorating book. With most of the decorating books we buy, the things they suggest for you to do are almost near impossible unless you have money to waste. As a family on a tight budget, I was extremely please with At Home with Laurie Ann. I have already implemented a few ideas from this book. I loved how everything she suggested was easily accomplished with very little if any extra money being spent. Laurie Ann's ideas are fantastic and something I normally wouldn't think to do. I see us slowly going from room to room implementing most of her ideas!

I was provided a copy of this book for review by Paula @ www.amarketingexpert.com

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Review~ The Perfect Formula Diet

Run-of-the-mill diets become harder to stick to over time. You feel like you are pushing a boulder up a mountain to hang on even one more day. The Perfect Formula Diet becomes easier the longer you stay on it buy showing you choices to transition to a whole-foods eating plan. You select the path that works for you. Your success accelerates with every good choice. Tip lists, with ideas for eating at home, work, and restaurants, make healthy eating easy and fun.

This easting plan, built on six terrific whole foods groups, is the antidote for outdated, ineffective, and frustrating diets. You will:
*Stop shortchanging yourself the vital nutrients you can only get from whole foods.
*Ramp up the antioxidants that fight illness and wrinkles.
*Learn exactly how much protein you need and how much makes you fat and sick.
* Enjoy foods that counter the inflammation that ages your body
* Delight in the aroma of fragrant herbs and spices
* Undo harm from environmental toxins at a pace your body can best handle
* Pare your food budget
* Reduce your carbon footprint
*Take control of your health back from the drug companies

Title: The Perfect Formula Diet: How to Lose Weight and Get Healthy Now with Six Kinds of Whole Foods
Author: Janice Stanger
Genre: Health and Fitness/Diets
ISBN: 978-0-9841067-3-8
Publication Date: September 2009
Pages: 262
Publisher: Perfect Planet Solutions

My thoughts:

I am very skeptical of most diet books, mainly because none ever seem to work for me. So with trepidation I opened up The Perfect Formula Diet and started reading. At first I wasn't really getting how this book could really help me out, talking about "Getting to know myself" and"Measuring my goals", but as I got farther into the book, I really began to see how switching certain things I eat now can help me to lose the baby weight I've been carrying for three years now. The Perfect Foods section really helped open my eyes to the fact that I have simply been eating the "wrong" foods to lose weight. We use a lot of white flour, white rice, and vegetable oil. I never really thought about how bad these were for our bodies.

The section titled "Not-Meal Plans" was a major eye opener for me. I have alway been told to eat three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. And that all three meals should occur at about the same time everyday, or you risk overeating. But seriously, I was always really hungry going from11:30 a.m till 7:00 p.m with nothing to eat in between. In this section it tells you " Tying your eating decisions to the clock can be a recipe for struggle because your Perfect Body operates on it's own time and rhythms. Feel free to "snack" or skip meals altogether and just graze when your body signals that you need food". See now that is my kind of "meal-plan", I'm not alway hungry at 6 in the morning, or right at lunch time. So with this easy to follow "plan" I'm eating when my body is hungry without over-stuffing myself, I am slowly making healthier choices for myself and my family. 

So if you are looking for a great NOT-diet then pick up this book and see how you too can enjoy your food and lose weight!

I was provided a review copy by Paula at www.amarketingexpert.com. The opinion expressed in this review is mine and may differ from others!!

Review~ Journey's Home by Nancy Burnett

Journeys Home: Stories from Grandmother's Lap

Journey's Home: Stories From Grandmother's Lap is a collection of essays written from the perspectives of Arkansas ground and sky.
The book was inspired by Nancy Burnett looking at and reflecting on old family photos. She found her "child's voice" through them, which began to tell the stories. Near the end point she discovered a cache of photos she thought were lost. One in particular provided literary and emotional closure.
Title: Journey's Home: Stories From Grandmother's Lap
Author: Nancy Burnett
Genre: Memoir/Creative Nonfiction
ISBN: 978-0-615-30818-0
Publication Date: July 2009
Pages: 355
Price: $16.95
Publisher: Soul Garden Press

My thoughts:

I started reading this not know exactly what I was getting into. I love to sit and listen to my grandmother tell me stories about when she was growing up. I never thought I would enjoy reading someone else's stories, but Nancy hooked me. She does skip around a lot, but memories don't all come to you in a nice neat timeline. I loved the tone of her writing and they way she described certain things, made me feel like I could relate to her on a certain level.  I loved how she used the areas of her life to remember and reflect on how they helped shape her into who she is today.

A good read all around:)

I was provided a review copy by Paula at www.amarketingexpert.com, my opinion of this book is just that, mine.


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