Sharp I-Pod Docking station~~product review

16 January 2010


I've been using mp3 players for years now. For the last year and a half, I have been begging the hubby-to-be for an I-pod touch, not only for the music but also because "Farmville" has an app!! So for my birthday, I finally got my I-Pod Touch!!

Well, after getting all my thousands of must have songs downloaded, I realized that if i wanted to listen to the music while cleaning I would need to carry around this really big mp3 player. So i went in search of a docking station.

Enter the DK-AP8P I-Pod Docking Station From Sharp. I love that it is portable and that it has a remote!! Now when I am cleaning and hear a song that I really like, I just grab the remote ( that is always beside me) and line the sensor up with the main unit ( too bad it won't work through walls!!) and turn that bad boy up!!

For something so small, it puts out an amazing sound! I can hear it all through the house! I love that not only can I use it at home, if we are heading out to the park or something, I can take it along with me, all I need to do is pop in 4 AA batteries and we are good to go. The carrying case is wonderful for not only carrying it around; it works wonderful for storage also! And the fact that the remote is magnetic is just another wonderful bonus with this docking station!! Plus, it will work for just about any i-pod with the included adapters!!

Here's the info from the site:

This small, yet powerful, I-ELEGANCE® 2.1 channel audio system made for iPod and compatible with an iPhone®features an ultra-portable design that closes for safe keeping when on the go. It features a Magnetic IR wireless touch panel remote control for added flexibility. The single system houses all necessary components for an enjoyable listening experience, including the main drivers and subwoofer. When using an iPod player, the user can play music directly from the device and recharge the unit when plugged into a AC outlet, or for music on-the-go, use 4 AA batteries. With approximately six hours of battery operation1 and an AC adapter and soft carry bag included, the DK-AP8P is truly a portable solution to enjoying high-quality audio from any location. The DK-AP8P also includes a video output jack so that when connected to a TV, users can enjoy their favorite videos on a large screen.


  • Works with iPod and iPhone Devices - This I-ELEGANCE music system is made for the following: iPod nano 1st/2nd/3rd/4th Generation, iPod mini, iPod with dock connector 4th/5th Generation, iPod classic, iPod Touch 1st/2nd Generation, iPhone, iPhone 3G

  • Plays and Charges your iPod/iPhone - The i-Elegance music systems will play and charge your iPod simultaneously. Whenever your iPod is connected to the docking system and AC power, it will charge.

  • High Fidelity 2.1 Sound - The i-Elegance music systems feature front firing full range speakers along with a subwoofer. For added bass response, the subwoofer produces low-end frequencies for deep bass sound.

  • Esound Mode - The i-Elegance music systems feature Esound, a digital signal processing technology that improves the quality of compressed digital music. Most compressed music experiences have some sound deterioration. The ESound mode corrects this deterioration by enhancing the sound frequency spectrum as well as increasing the sound pressure.

  • Magnetic Remote - The DK-AP8P features a Magnetic IR wireless remote for added flexibility and convienience.

  • Soft Carry Bag - The DK-AP8P portable music system is supplied with a soft bag to carry the unit in when traveling. This system also encloses the speakers when folded for addition protection.

  • Portable Battery Operation - In addition to the supplied AC adapter, the DK-AP8P portable music system operates on 4 AA batteries allowing for appoximately six hours of portable operation.

  • 3.5mm Audio Input: - The DK-AP8P also has a 3.5mm audio input jack for using an audio MP3 player or PC audio output for increased versatility.

  • 2.1 ch Speaker System with HDSS - The 2.1 speaker system with HDSS driver technology provides both right and left audio and a subwoofer in one compact system. The 2.1 system creates a listening experience with high-quality sound using HDSS drivers, allowing for sound reproduction in its most pure and natural form.

Buy it:

Purchase from the Sharp website for 129.99

*I was provided with the product for evaluation purposes! I was not compensated in any other way, this review is clearly my opinion only and does not in any way reflect the experience you may have!