Cahootie~~product review

11 January 2010
I remember when I was about 12 or 13, making what we always called Cootie Catchers, you know those pointy triangle shaped things that you put the silly questions and answers on? I don't know how many of those we made as kids, but for the life of me I couldn't remember how to make one for my daughter. I always loved them and figured that she would to, but alas.. Mommy just couldn't do it:(
 Then I happened upon Cahootie!
This is the new modern version of my beloved "cootie catcher"!! I love that there are so many different versions to choose from! All the kids love it, even my 6 year old son!!
Better than the homemade version, these games feature tear-resistant paper and many, many reusable stickers that allow the user to continuously change things up. Current Cahootie themes include Wishes & Dreams, Truth or Dare, Sporty Girls, Rockin' Out, Girl Wonders, Best Friends Forever, My Fab Family, Would You?, My Fab Future, Democrat,Republics and Birthday Wishes. They also have a product line under license with Animal Planet!  In order to encourage your kids creativity, they offer a downloadable template so they can learn to make their own Cahootie.
They even offer a Club Cahootie for the kids! Club Cahootie offers tweens and teens a safe way to experience social networking. My daughter has been wanting to make a face book account so that she can talk to her friends, but I am so afraid that she will start getting messages and friend requests from people she doesn't know. Granted she knows not to give out any of her info, but I still worry. With Club Cahootie, there is no need to worry. She can get on, blog, chat and even play a virtual Cahootie with her friends. And since all invitiations for friends are filled out online and then printed with a unique code, I know who she is interacting with!!
Buy It:
You can purchase Cahootie online at
or at a local retailer. The site has a great tool to help you find the closest retailer to you!!
*I was provided with the product for evaluation purposes! I was not compensated in any other way, this review is clearly my opinion only and does not in any way reflect the experience you may have!

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I can't think of an occasion when my mom and I were together that didn't either start or end with laughter. Even when we're annoyed and frustrated (not necessarily at each other ), we can make each other giggle.

One occasion in particular involved dreaming up a name for our joint knitting and sewing ventures. We wanted something that captured not just the essence of our products, but the essence of our relationship. While sitting in mom's sewing room we wandered down many strange avenues of names with very little direction or luck, but laughing at the silly things we came up with. I remember something about a fat quail; or maybe it was a fat hen. Regardless, ideas weren't fruitful, but laughter was plentiful. My dad came in mid-way through our conversation, heard us giggling and quibbling over a store name, and commented from the other room, "Why don't you just call it "two girls laughing". Of course it was perfect, and we all knew it immediately.