CrazySeamstress Messenger bag review

10 January 2010
I love bags, be they tote bags, messenger bags, bucket style bags.. you get the drift right?? When I stumbled upon CrazySeamstress, I just knew that I had to have one of her amazing bags! I love that she uses recycled Capri Sun and Kool Aid Drinks pouches to fashion her amazing things.
Capri Sun 'Fruit Dive' Messenger Bag / Purse
Yeah, that's my bag right there!! It is wonderful!! The stitching is very well done making this bag perfect for taking to class or just everyday use as a purse ( I know some of you mom's understand the need for a HUGE purse!!). I've been using the bag for awhile now and have had no problems. The two pockets on the sides of the bag are perfect for your cellphone, or if you are like me a bottle of pepsi! I stuck my 24 oz bottle in there and it fit perfectly!!
The zippered pocket inside is great for storing pens or your Mommy Cards:) There is plenty of room in the main compartment, I've got my planner, digital camera, full size notebook and whatever book I am reading at the time in there. Plus there is the extra pocket in the back that it good for any loose papers or a travel case of wipes and a diaper or two!! The snap button on the front and the one in the back are holding up great to being used at least four times a day, if not more.
The CrazySeamstress offers a lot more than just messenger bags::
There are wallets:
Apple Splash Capri Sun Trifold Wallet
Capri Sun Apple Splash Backpack / Book Bag / Purse
Make-up Bags:
Capri Sun Berry Breeze w/Yellow / Purple Polka Dot Make Up Bag
And all sorts of different purses!!
Super Cute Small Capri Sun 'Morning Sunrise' PurseCapri Sun Apple Splash Large Hobo Bag  /Handbag / PurseCapri Sun 'Apple Splash' Small Purse
Day Of The Dead Kool Aid Jammer Sm Messenger Bag / Capri Sun
I'm loving that day of the dead small messenger bag!!
 You can purchase any and all of these goodies at CrazySeamstress, the wallets run from $4 to $20 ( that's a big one there!!), Make-up bags will run from $10 to $23 ( the $23 is a double sided one). The Backpacks run from $40 to $46 depending on the style, and the purses/messenger bags run from $10 to $42 depending on the style ( mine was $40)
Make sure you check out the shop if you are looking for a one of a kind gift!!
*I was provided with the product for evaluation purposes! I was not compensated in any other way, this review is clearly my opinion only and does not in any way reflect the experience you may have!

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