Review~Disney Fairies Graphic Novel #1~ Prilla's Talent

07 April 2010

Title: Disney Fairies Graphic Novel #1~ Prilla's Talent
Author: Stefan Petrucha
Genre: Children's graphic novel
ISBN: 978-1-59707-186-4
Publication Date: April 2010 {13th}
Pages: 80
Price: $7.99 {paperback}
Publisher: Papercutz

" If you head toward the second star on your right and fly straight on till morning, you'll come to Never Land, a magical island where mermaids play and children never grow up. When you arrive, you might hear something like the tinkling of little bells. Follow that sound and you'll fine Pixie Hollow, the secret heart of Never Land...home of Tinker Bell and all her fairy friends." So begins the first graphic novel, and a series of incredible adventures.
In Disney Fairies #1~"Prilla's Talent", the first in an all-new series of graphic novels, Tinker bell and her friends are featured in the following four  stories:
*Prilla's Talent- Tinker Bell helps Prilla find her special fairy ability.
*Like the Wind- features the fastest flying fairy of all, Vidia!
*The Sound Of Friendship- Can Tinker Bell repair a special bell in time for the big Blue Bell Festival?
* Best of Friends- explores the relationship between Tinker Bell and Rani when their friendship is tested.

My thoughts:
We all love Tinker Bell and the other fairies. This graphic novel was a big hit with the girls and I've had to read it to the youngest I know about 20 times. The stories are really great for young girls and the illustrations are just as magical as Pixie Hollow.

* I received a copy of this graphic novel for review from AME. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion express is mine and mine alone*


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