Review~Family Fit by Dr. John E. Mayer

About the Book:
Family expert and psychologist John Mayer’s new book, Family Fit, is a formula for all families to learn how to have fun while becoming fit by coming together as a family. Mayer contends that family meals and exercise should be fun-not work- and that words like diet, exercise and workout have developed negative connotations and shouldn’t be used to promote family fitness.
Mayer’s athletic background and concern for his growing family’s health and fitness made him realize that nothing brings a family together like having fun with food and exercise. Teens, especially, respond to the idea of something “fun” rather than work- they get enough work in school and from chores.
It’s difficult to break the chain if family obesity. Generations of the same families are often plagued with obesity that brings on diseases such as diabetes, heart problems and high blood pressure. Sometimes the problem can only be alleviated by the family coming together as a group and creating an atmosphere where health and fitness thrive.

About the Author:
John Mayer is a prolific writer and psychologist who’s been writing about children and family life for many years. He’s become an undisputed expert in his field, even writing for the United Nations. His book ” Creating a Safe and Welcoming School,” has been translated and dispensed around the world by the United Nations.
Mayer’s books include a series- “The Parent’s Mini-Manual Series.” which includes titles such as “Getting Great grades” and “Drug Prevention in the Home.” Most of Mayer’s books are written for families, including ” The 3 Week Family Fat Cure.”
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Title: Family Fit
Author: John E. Mayer
Genre: Health & Fitness/ Nutrition
ISBN: 978-0-9820961-7-8
Publication Date: June 2009
Pages: 264
Price: $16.95
Publisher: NIS Publishing/NogginPower2

My Thoughts:
Dr. Mayer touches on family obesity in this book, and helps us see ways, as a family, to get fit and stay fit.
The food list { that you fill in} included in the book is a wonderful way to get the kids involved and show them the UNHEALTHY foods vs. the HEALTHY foods that are present in your home.
Dr. Mayer also includes planner pages for you to fill out for habits and things that are unhealthy. The habits lists are great for focusing on the unhealthy things we do everyday, such as treating the kitchen table as the central hub of our homes. The list includes spaces for the unhealthy habits, how you have changed them and also a place for your new HEALTHY habit or thing.
 The three pillars of the program are:
Diet & Nutrition
There are also a few Family Day Planners included in the book that list basic outlines for eating and activity levels.
With all the info and success stories included in the book you should have no problems getting fit as a family.

I received a copy of the book for review from, I was in no way required to write a positive review and the opinion expressed is just that, my opinion:)

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  1. Amy Collins MacGregor and Bethany Brown says:

    It really is a great book for moms and dads trying to find new ways to get their family healthy! Great review.

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