Review~ The Perfect Formula Diet

07 February 2010

Run-of-the-mill diets become harder to stick to over time. You feel like you are pushing a boulder up a mountain to hang on even one more day. The Perfect Formula Diet becomes easier the longer you stay on it buy showing you choices to transition to a whole-foods eating plan. You select the path that works for you. Your success accelerates with every good choice. Tip lists, with ideas for eating at home, work, and restaurants, make healthy eating easy and fun.

This easting plan, built on six terrific whole foods groups, is the antidote for outdated, ineffective, and frustrating diets. You will:

*Stop shortchanging yourself the vital nutrients you can only get from whole foods.

*Ramp up the antioxidants that fight illness and wrinkles.

*Learn exactly how much protein you need and how much makes you fat and sick.

* Enjoy foods that counter the inflammation that ages your body

* Delight in the aroma of fragrant herbs and spices

* Undo harm from environmental toxins at a pace your body can best handle

* Pare your food budget

* Reduce your carbon footprint

*Take control of your health back from the drug companies

Title: The Perfect Formula Diet: How to Lose Weight and Get Healthy Now with Six Kinds of Whole Foods

Author: Janice Stanger

Genre: Health and Fitness/Diets

ISBN: 978-0-9841067-3-8

Publication Date: September 2009

Pages: 262


Publisher: Perfect Planet Solutions

My thoughts:

I am very skeptical of most diet books, mainly because none ever seem to work for me. So with trepidation I opened up The Perfect Formula Diet and started reading. At first I wasn't really getting how this book could really help me out, talking about "Getting to know myself" and"Measuring my goals", but as I got farther into the book, I really began to see how switching certain things I eat now can help me to lose the baby weight I've been carrying for three years now. The Perfect Foods section really helped open my eyes to the fact that I have simply been eating the "wrong" foods to lose weight. We use a lot of white flour, white rice, and vegetable oil. I never really thought about how bad these were for our bodies.

The section titled "Not-Meal Plans" was a major eye opener for me. I have alway been told to eat three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. And that all three meals should occur at about the same time everyday, or you risk overeating. But seriously, I was always really hungry going from11:30 a.m till 7:00 p.m with nothing to eat in between. In this section it tells you " Tying your eating decisions to the clock can be a recipe for struggle because your Perfect Body operates on it's own time and rhythms. Feel free to "snack" or skip meals altogether and just graze when your body signals that you need food". See now that is my kind of "meal-plan", I'm not alway hungry at 6 in the morning, or right at lunch time. So with this easy to follow "plan" I'm eating when my body is hungry without over-stuffing myself, I am slowly making healthier choices for myself and my family.

So if you are looking for a great NOT-diet then pick up this book and see how you too can enjoy your food and lose weight!

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