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16 February 2010

Title: Eternal on the Water
Author: Joseph Monninger

About the Book:

From the day Cobb and Mary meet kayaking on Maine's Allagash River and fall deeply in love, the two approach life with the same sense of adventure they use to conquer the river's treacherous rapids. But rivers do not let go so easily...and neither does their love. So when Mary's life takes the cruelest turn, she vows to face those rough waters on her own terms and asks Cobb to promise, when the time comes, to help her return to their beloved river for one final journey.

Set against the rugged wilderness of Maine, the exotic islands of Indonesia, the sweeping panoramas of Yellowstone National Park, and the tranquil villages of rural New England, Eternal on the Water is at once heartbreaking and uplifting -- a timeless, beautifully rendered story of true love's power.

My Review:

As a rule, there comes a time in a book where you reach the point of no return, when you simply cannot stop reading. In Joseph Monninger’s Eternal on the Water, it is about 10 pages in for me. But with this novel, you’re faced with a unique conflict – you know how it ends. So you spend the next 300 or so pages struggling with the urge to read non-stop, soaking in every page in the quest to absorb the story greedily, or savoring every moment, dreading the last page.

At three-fourths of the way through this book, I had to force myself to stop reading, as I simply had to save whatever I could for one last reading session. At that point, I had already been reading through the tears on more than occasion. Monninger is a skilled storyteller who conveys a love story of mystical proportions, one that will make your heart swell, your eyes fill, your soul dance. 

Eternal on the Water is the extraordinary story of the journey of two souls that are drawn to each other for too short a period – yet in that time, they experience and share a lifetime of memories, bringing you along with them on their adventures. This is a novel you can read over and over, and one you will want to. It tells of a fierce unconditional love, an unashamed zest for living, and a selfless generosity that warms your spirit.

I am in love with this delightful novel, which has catapulted onto my list of favorite books. I cannot recommend Eternal on the Water enough. If it is possible, reading it will simply make you feel better, and it will renew your passion for living. And you really can;t pass up a wonderful love story written by a man and told from a man's point of view.

Thanks to Pocket Books for providing me with a free copy of the book for the review.


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